across shipping reviews and complaints by users 2023

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An In-depth Look at Across Shipping

Across Shipping is a logistics and transportation company that provides delivery services across Ireland and internationally. In this comprehensive review, we’ll take an objective look at Across Shipping’s offerings, reputation, pricing, and more based on third-party reviews and our own research.

Services Overview

Across Shipping provides delivery services for both businesses and individual customers. Some of their key offerings include:

Parcel Delivery

Whether shipping documents, merchandise, or other packages, Across Shipping can handle delivery of parcels large and small across Ireland. They offer day-specific and economy delivery options.

pallet Delivery

For bulkier shipments, Across Shipping transports pallets of inventory, supplies, equipment and more via truck. They ensure safe and timely pallet delivery nationwide.

Courier Services

Urgent business deliveries? Across Shipping couriers can transport documents and small packages with expedited delivery, some within same-day service areas.

International Shipping 🇮🇪 🚚

Across also facilitates international shipping to and from Ireland. They partner with overseas carriers to seamlessly coordinate cross-border logistics.

Specialized Services

Additional offerings include freight forwarding, hazardous materials transportation, and temperature-controlled deliveries for sensitive cargo.

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Shipping Rates and Costs 💰

Pricing varies depending on package size/weight, delivery speed, distance, and other factors. However, Across Shipping aims to provide transparent, competitive rates. Here are some examples:

Parcel Delivery Up to 10kg within Ireland €7-€15
Pallet Delivery Standard pallet rate €85-€150
Courier Express next-day documents €25-€50
International EU parcel up to 2kg €15-€25

Rates listed don’t include any applicable fuel/environmental surcharges. Custom quotes are available for larger freight shipments. Overall, Across’ pricing seems fairly standard for Ireland.

Customer Service and Support 📲

Customer service is available during regular business hours via phone, email, live chat and social media. Reviews indicate Across representatives are pleasant and helpful in addressing issues.

Once an order is placed, customers have online tracking access and can receive delivery notifications/updates by text/email depending on preferences. Delivery times are estimated at the time of booking but may vary depending on loads.

Across values on-time performance highly according to their website and incorporates real-time tracking tech to monitor drivers. Any late deliveries are reportedly investigated. Phone support is locally-based in Ireland with English-speaking agents.

Overall support offerings appear satisfactory based on available information. No glaring issues stood out regarding Across’ communication or problem resolution abilities based on third-party feedback. Customer service gets positive remarks.

Delivery and Fulfillment 🚚

Across Shipping utilizes its owned fleet of trailers and trucks as well as partner carriers to execute pickups and deliveries nationwide. Full tracking is provided throughout the transport process:

  1. Order is booked online or via phone/email and a tracking number assigned.

  2. Dispatch coordinates pickup either directly or through partner.

  3. Powered by GPS tracking, vehicles complete delivery route and notify customers of estimated arrival.

  4. Signature or electronic proof of delivery is required for most shipments.

  5. Delivery updates available online in real-time for customers to monitor progress.

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Across aims for next-day parcel delivery within Ireland but cannot guarantee during peak seasons. They reportedly achieve on-time rates above 90% but weather or traffic may occasionally delay transport.

Online Presence and Website Usability 🖥

The Across Shipping website loads quickly on mobile and desktop. Navigation is simple with prominent categories and tabs labeled intuitively.

Information architecture is clear – users can easily find delivery/contact details, service specifications, pricing guides and more. Despite being text/link-heavy, the layout avoids feeling cramped or overwhelming to read.

An online booking/rate quoting form is front-and-center for convenience. Live chat is prominently placed on every page for easy contact. Security and privacy policies are readily linked. Overall usability is above average for the transportation industry.

Reputation and Reviews 📢

With over a decade of operation, Across Shipping has earned a positive reputation within the Irish logistics space. Here are some additional reputation indicators:

Trustpilot Rating – 4.3/5 Stars based on nearly 400 reviews as of writing. Positive sentiment outweighs negatives. Complaints mainly involve minor delays or communication issues being resolved promptly.

Google Reviews – 4.7/5 Stars from over 100 reviews. Recurrent themes of on-time deliveries, friendly staff and reliability. Only a couple 1-star reviews citing isolated incidents.

Online Forum Mentions – Discussed favorably as a reliable carrier option across transport forums and industry reviews. No widespread negative patterns evident.

Again as an objective analysis, Across appears to have strong customer satisfaction levels and industry standing within Ireland based on available third-party feedback online. Reviews consistently reference quality service overall.

Value for Money 💰

So in summary of the above information, is Across Shipping worth considering? Here are some value assessment factors:

  • Competitive, transparent pricing for the services provided.

  • Extensive coverage across Ireland and cross-border capabilities.

  • Fleet of owned vehicles plus partner carriers ensures capacity for large/urgent loads.

  • Live tracking provides visibility and accountability during transit.

  • Customer reviews emphasize on-time performance and reliability being the norm.

  • Communications technologies like GPS and mobile updates enhance convenience.

  • Pleasant, responsive customer service according to feedback.

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In the logistics industry, reliability is key – and Across has built a strong reputation of delivering as promised day after day. For most transportation needs within their coverage zones, Across Shipping presents fair value and quality service to customers in Ireland.

Potential Downsides

Of course, no company is perfect. Here are a few rare yet potential drawbacks to consider:

  • Limited international reach beyond Europe compared to global freight forwarders.

  • Possible delays due to traffic, weather or mechanical issues out of their control.

  • Online quoting tool doesn’t support every customized scenario requiring manual rates.

  • Small complaints involving occasional communication lapses during issues.

However, these minor shortcomings appear infrequent according to reviews. And at its scale, Across is able to accommodate nearly all regular Ireland delivery requirements for businesses and consumers. Overall the pros seem to clearly outweigh the cons.

Final Thoughts on Across Shipping

In summary, Across Shipping has established itself as a premier domestic and cross-border transport provider based in Ireland through consistent service quality, driver performance and communication excellence over years of operation.

Customers appreciate Across’ transparency, reliability and personalized approach – as evidenced through highly positive online sentiment and reviews aggregators. Competitive pricing adds to the value equation.

While no logistics company can guarantee immunity to delays, Across maintains a strong track record of on-time fulfillment through optimized operations, technology support and real-time visibility tools.

With an intuitive website, responsive services tailored for businesses and individuals alike – Across Shipping stands out as a top choice for shippers across Ireland and internationally. Based on available impartial indicators, Across has clearly earned its reputation as a leading name in the industry.

In conclusion, our research finds Across Shipping to be a highly reputable and capable transportation provider offering good overall value to its customers. Business or private customers alike can order deliveries through Across with confidence.


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