daily income business in nigeria

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 daily income business in nigeria

daily income business in nigeria

Are you looking for a Nigerian business with a steady daily income? I’ll show you 20 Nigerian enterprises that have a track record of generating daily income in this article, and if you give them a shot, they might pay off.

1.Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services

A laundry service business can, without a doubt, bring you money daily. Depending on the area.

2.Establish a Point-of-Sale Payments Service

The next company on our list of viable daily income companies in Nigeria is POS Payment Services.
As you may make e-payments for customers who are unable to go to the bank owing to long queues or a shortage of ATMs, the POS company is useful in locations where there are no banks or few ATMs.


In Nigeria, almost all men go to a barbershop at least once a week to get their hair cut or beard shaved for N300 or N1000, depending on where they live.
Men and women both visit barbershops to have their hair cut, colored, or styled.

4.Okirika (OK) Clothes and Shoe Business

pay close attention, you’ll see that relatively few individuals buy items from Okrika vendors since they can’t afford the pricey clothing and shoes.
Why not consider this as it is cheap to start and you may make money every day since there will always be a crowd where nice clothes and shoes are offered?

5.Plantain Chips Business

Many different brands of plantain chips are being sold on the street, and they are all quickly running out.
Therefore, you will be able to make a good livelihood every day if you can manage production and delivery to retailers and distributors.
There are many people employed in the phone industry.
In Nigeria, phones are among the most widely used products. We see that a lot of people are selling their old phones to buy new ones.

6.Bakery Company

As you are surely aware, a product that is in high demand on the market is the best one to deal with, and bread falls into this category.
Daily income comes from the sale of bread.


Shoe polishing and repairing is a regular source of income for many Nigerians, particularly in the north.
Carriage for loading
Egyptians are individuals who carry goads at Alaba’s international market. Another daily source of revenue is load transportation.


It’s one thing to have the funds to start a business; it’s quite another to know what line of business to go into.
So, with these daily income businesses in Nigeria to make money described above, I am confident that they will assist you in deciding which business is best for you and your area. Best of luck with your new venture!

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