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Remittances and International Money Transfer: Easy Ways of Accessing Your Money Abroad for Immigrants

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Simple Methods for Accessing Your Money Abroad

Are you an immigrant looking for ways to access your money in a foreign country?

Are you a student studying abroad seeking methods to access your money?

Are you an international student on a partial or fully-funded scholarship in a foreign university looking for easy ways to access your money?

Below are the 2 simplest ways of accessing your money abroad

1. Money transfer apps

First, you need a service that may help you move money from one country to another.

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For most money transfer apps, such as Remitly’s, you can download the app and open an account to get started. You have got to link your bank account information from your “send” country, such as Canada, the U.S., or the United Kingdom. Then, after your account is placed, add your “receive” country and desired delivery method.

Aside from sending money to yourself, there are additional ways for you to use an online money transfer app when traveling to another country. For instance, if a local shop or tour guide doesn’t accept credit cards, you should use the app to transfer money from your U.S. bank account to a local bank account or digital wallet.

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This way, it’s easy to manage your expenses overseas, and you won’t have to settle for low exchange rates at currency exchange kiosks.

2. ATM and credit cards

If you’re traveling for a shorter length of time, you should not transfer money even to another account, your primary debit card is a fantastic option for getting cash overseas.

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In most countries, you can conveniently withdraw funds with your ATM card and receive money from our currency.

Moreover, you might possibly use a credit card, especially in major cities. You should definitely check with your bank about international fees for ATM or credit card use. Often, these fees are much smaller than bank wire transfer fees, making this option a good deal.

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