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Important Things You Need to Know About Open AI’s ChatGPT

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These are some of the Important Things You Need to Know About Open AI’s ChatGPT and why it is believed to be a Google Search competitor.

1. ChatGPT is a chatbox trained by OpenAI with world events up to 2021. It’s meant to provide answers to general questions.

2. It’s quite different from a search engine. A search engine provides you with resources on external domains that best solve your queries. However, ChatGPT answers you directly as if you’re asking a fellow human.

3. ChatGPT does not provide links to external websites or resources. You have to make do with whatever it gives you, sometimes incorrect information.

4. Chat GPT can remember what the user said earlier in the conversation. For instance, if you first search for “How to start a radio station in Nigeria”, you can follow up with “How much does it cost”. In summary, ChatGPT can link the pronoun “it” with the earlier mentioned “Radio Station”

5. Unlike Google which provides answers to virtually every query, whether appropriate, legal, or otherwise, ChatGPT can decline requests. For instance, it will decline a query like “How to rob a bank safely”

6. ChatGPT is capable of writing articles for you. It’s also capable of providing you with lines of code to perform specific instructions upon request.

7. ChatGPT may likely not be available for free. You may have to subscribe to use it when it’s finally launched.

8. According to web publishers, ChatGPT may likely be the beginning of the end of SEO.

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Link to use the beta version for free:

What you Need to Know About Open AI’s ChatGPT


The ongoing conversation around ChatGPT lends credence to the fact that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has come to stay.

Today, people use it for several purposes, including making researches, getting coding information and solving problems.​

ChatGPT by OpenAI has one goal – to help in “Optimizing Language Models for Dialogue.”

The argument currently is the reliability of the platform. Can it be used to solve problems with real-time solutions?

Are these solutions reliable too?

To a large extent, I think ChatGPT has been able to facilitate the process of getting information across different facets.

However, I think that for now, it is yet to go through the entire process of Natural Language Processing (NLP), which means that some of the solutions it offers aren’t entirely optimized for the users, as per the choice of language usage.

Writers have kind of seen this as an opportunity to get their job done faster. If you’ve used tools like Jasper, I think ChatGPT will be a further step up.

But there’s one challenge. I think in the short-term, we’ll have more of “repurposed content” – more of rewritten content.​

Methinks that ChatGPT has a long way to go in terms of making quality research as what it offers currently is sourcing information from existing database and coming up with something better.

Is this what we should rely on? Having one information written in different ways?

I think this will further enable plagiarism – on a whole scale.

While choices vary, it may be worth it to write content from scratch while infusing the elements of creativity and emotion. I for one write my content manually after doing several researches.

I use Grammarly to check for grammar and spelling errors, as well as the Hemingway Editor App for Readability improvement.

That’s a moderate usage of AI, without overly handing over the job to the tool to do it all for you.

On the one hand, we’re debating on whether ChatGPT will serve as a better platform for research.

On the other hand, we’re missing an important point. I’ll point that out.

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1. Will ChatGPT be the Future of Content/Information?

I think it has some prospects but my fear is still on the reliability of the information and the fact that we will have more repurposed content than new ideas.

2. Is ChatGPT a Competing Move Against Google?

When I started surfing the Internet, my go-to platform was Yahoo. You see, Yahoo had most of the tools you needed to get information online.

Aside from being a mailing platform, it also helps aggregate information on different topics and have it all one platform.

You could even have real-time conversations through the Yahoo Messenger.

Somehow, Google took the stage and has been holding it down since then.

Now, Google is known for coming up with new updates regarding how content is to be ranked.

With the new ChatGPT dispensation, I think that this may be a subtle competition against Google.

Sure, Google will still release new updates to streamline how it ranks manually-written versus AI-written content.

But for how long?

Considering the high-quality it maintains for content, wouldn’t Google have a higher competition if other Search Engines like Yahoo and Bing start to prioritize AI content?

I really think this will happen anytime soon.

3. The Age of Misinformation
You see, AI can be trained and when we have more content talking about the same thing, it could be possible for this type of content to be seen as “true.”

What happens when different platforms convey the same information – even when the information is untrue?

Would this be the Age of Misinformation?

4. The Future of Work and All that Comes with it

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been touted as the “Future of Work.”

We’ve seen companies laying off workers and those roles need to be filled up.

Albeit, these companies have to deploy a cheaper option to facilitate tasks in those regards and save costs. AI comes to the rescue.

Once again, is ChatGPT setting the pace for massive AI penetration in the information market?

ChatGPT has no doubt streamlined how we get information (and in good time too) but the concerns are still there.

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ChatGPT can answer Questions correctly


Let me give you an example of ChatGPT’s excellent use case;

I copied an entire biology question and options then pasted it to ChatGPT.
Guess what, it picked the correct answer and also gave detailed explanations.
The technology behind this dude is cool ….
What do you think of ChatGPT?

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