how to make liquid soap like morning fresh

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how to make liquid soap like morning fresh

how to make liquid soap like morning fresh

If you’ve ever visited a Nigerian kitchen or reside there, chances are good that you’ve seen or used the well-known Morning Fresh dishwashing liquid. Morning Fresh has established a reputation as a household necessity rather than just a wish or want throughout the years. Because liquid soap dissolves easily in water and has a mild effect on those with sensitive skin, it is typically favored for dishwashing.
Learning how to make liquid soap may be quite profitable and cost-effective; it saves you from having to pay for other pricey brands and gives you a second source of revenue. It is not only inexpensive to start up, but also quite simple to make. You may learn everything you need to know about morning fresh liquid soap manufacture from this page.

Materials/chemicals needed

The following chemicals are needed for making morning fresh.
  • Soda ash (one of four divisions, ¼ )
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate SLS (1/2)
  • Caustic soda (1/16)
  • Texapon (1/4)
  • Perfume – choice
  • Colour of choice (green is however preferred for morning fresh production)
  • STPP (sodium triphosphate) (1/4)
  • Sulphonic acid (2 litres)
  • Natrosol (1/4)
  • Formalin (1/4)

Chemicals needed for making morning fresh

 Before we get started, it’s crucial to look at how each of the chemicals used to make morning fresh is employed.
  • It serves as a cleaning agent, soda ash.
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate aids in the creation of morning foam.
  • Caustic soda is a cleaning agent as well.
  • This is a foaming agent called Texapon.
  • Perfume has a pleasant scent.
  • Color enhances appearance.
  • STPP, a thickening agent, is sodium triphosphate.
  • A foaming agent is sulphonic acid.
  • Natrosol is a substance that thickens and foams liquids.
  • This acts as a preservative: formalin.
The use of formalin and caustic soda requires caution because inappropriate handling might result in asphyxia and hand peeling, respectively.

Procedure for producing Morning Fresh

The steps to take in order to produce morning fresh are as follows:
  1. In a dish, soak the sodium Laurel.
  2. Use a different bowl to dissolve the STPP (Sodium triphosphate) in water.
  3. Pour a little amount of caustic soda into one bowl and combine soda ash and water in another.
  4. Sulphonic acid and texapon should be combined. To do this, you’ll need a larger bowl. Mix everything well.
  5. Give it around 20 minutes to ensure that the chemicals are thoroughly dissolved.
  6. Obtain the large bowl that will hold the morning’s fresh food. Make certain that the basin is big enough to hold the amount of soap you are producing. Therefore, get a huge bowl.
  7. Clean water should be added to the bowl until it is halfway full.
  8. Natrosol should be added to the half-filled bowl gradually while being gently stirred.
  9. The previously combined chemicals will now be added to the bowl. Among them are sodium lauryl, sodium triphosphate (STPP), texapon and sulphonic combination, soda ash, and STPP.
  10. Stir thoroughly for the first 15 to 20 minutes.
  11. Include the preservation ingredient formalin. This chemical should be handled carefully because, as was previously said, it can be highly dangerous.
  12. When you can see color in the mixture, add the coloring ingredient and stir. You should be happy with the color. This might be done for around five minutes.
  13. Then you may add your perfume to give it a nice scent and whisk for about six minutes. If you feel the need, it may be more.
  14. Last but not least, let the mixture sit for about 15 minutes. The manufacturing process for Morning Fresh ends here.
  15. Now, depending on preference, Your Morning Fresh can be presented in small or medium-sized ragolis containers or individualized bottles.
  16. If your product is being produced for a commercial reason, make sure it is properly packaged and, if at all possible, labeled for the greatest possible sales and awareness.
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Morning fresh can be used to wash some types of laundry and dishes, but not to take a bath.

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