which entrepreneur made tractors before entering the sports car business?

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which entrepreneur made tractors before entering the sports car business?

which entrepreneur made tractors before entering the sports car business?

which entrepreneur made tractors before entering the sports car business?

For years, farmers have purchased Lamborghinis. And no, it’s not because they want to cruise around the barnyard in classy sports cars. The man who established the business bearing his name, Ferruccio Lamborghini, had previously run a tractor business. In 1948, Cento, Italy saw the founding of Lamborghini Trattori S.p.A.
Although Lamborghini is well known for starting a premium automobile business, it took them fifteen years to start making sports cars. The story of Lamborghini’s success in the Italian auto industry is tinted by his rivalry with Ferrari, which brought attention to both businesses as their savage rivalry intensified.

The Roots of Ferruccio Lamborghini

It’s interesting to note that both World Wars shaped the life of the renowned designer of high-end sports automobiles.
During the height of World War I, in 1916, Ferruccio Lamborghini was born. His parents owned a property where they raised wine grapes as viticulturists. Lamborghini’s life was significantly influenced by his family’s industry because he was raised in a farming family and, more crucially, surrounded by agricultural equipment. He had a strong affinity for mechanics, which brought him to the Fratelli Taddia technical institute outside of Bologna. Ferruccio served as an apprentice in a workshop when he was a student.
If World War II hadn’t occurred, things might have turned out differently. Lamborghini was ultimately enlisted as a mechanic in the Italian Royal Air Force. The Italians made the decision to end the fighting in 1943, over four years into the battle. This choice did not sit well with Germany, and shortly after that Italy’s military occupation started. In the same year that the British took over Rhodes Island, Lamborghini was kidnapped and assigned a mission to fix cars. After his return to Italy in 1946, his fortune quickly started to improve.
Lamborghini first started making and selling tractors. However, soon after, additional businesses emerged, including those that created and produced air conditioning and heating systems. Lamborghini finally found success, grew rich, and acquired expensive automobiles. He first experienced driving a Ferrari during this time. However, despite his reputation as a master mechanic, Lamborghini was regarded as a “poor driver.”
When Lamborghini discovered his 250 GT Ferrari had severe technical problems, he complained to Enzo Ferrari in person. This sparked the conflict between the two exotic car manufacturers and was the main driver behind Lamborghini’s bold choice to found his own automaker.

Lamborghini Booms on the Market

The Carioca, the first tractor produced by Lamborghini, debuted in 1948. His tractors were small but strong and well-built, and he made the decision to make and sell them for low prices. He was able to sell his tractors for a fair price since the mechanical components were both accessible and economical.
This affordable availability to parts made Lamborghini tractors stand out in the market. Tractors at the time were relatively modular, which Lamborghini also used to its advantage. This essentially means that the majority of their components were replaceable, allowing farmers to save expenditures. Lamborghini Trattori had built its factory and hired more than 30 workers by 1951.
A license to manufacture diesel engines in Italy was soon granted to the business, and by the 1960s, 400 or more people were employed there. At this point, the rate of manufacturing accelerated, and Lamborghini quickly had a daily output capacity of up to 25 tractors.
As was already mentioned, the company was successful, and Lamborghini rose to industrial affluence. As a result, he was finally able to afford a high-end vehicle like a Jaguar, Maserati, and, of course, the best of Italy—a Ferrari.
According to Valentino Balboni, a veteran test driver for Lamborghini, Ferruccio frequently burned the clutch on his Ferrari 250 GT, which ultimately led to a major dispute between him and Enzo Ferrari.
Ferruccio eventually disassembled the Ferrari engine and transmission after replacing the clutch a few times to discover that the clutch they were using was a manufactured part. Given how costly Ferraris were, Ferruccio was incensed by this and thought it was bad business. Following their conversation, Ferrari claimed that the driver was the issue rather than the clutch. Lamborghini became enraged and promised to produce the best sports car in Italy.

The Founding of Automobili Lamborghini 

Due to his conflict with Ferrari, Lamborghini was inspired to dedicate himself and his business to building Italy’s best sports car. His new company took off immediately because he already had the plant to make vehicles. His automobiles bore the names of bulls because of his obsession with bullfighting. According to rumors, Lamborghini never promoted his cars, preferring instead to focus on building a well-built fantasy car. But as news spread about the looks and power of his cars, the world embraced Lamborghini sports cars with such fervor that the company quickly became recognizable.
Ferruccio sold Lamborghini Trattori once it started to have some problems, and the company changed hands multiple times before being eventually acquired by Volkswagen in the late 1990s.
The German carmaker produced some of the most well-known Lamborghinis, such as the Murcielago and Gallardo. It’s ironic that the company still makes tractors today. Even though Same Deutz-Fahr now owns Lamborghini Trattori, they continue to brand their tractors with the Lamborghini name.


When you consider the facts, the transformation of a tractor company into a supercar phenomenon is a tale of foresight, bravery, and tenacity. Ferruccio Lamborghini made sure that his life’s work would never be forgotten, and his legacy is firmly established in the auto business despite being 46 years old when Lamborghini Automobili launched.

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