19 Daily income business in Nigeria 2022

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 Daily income business in Nigeria


Daily income business in Nigeria

We present to you 19 tested daily income businesses in Nigeria that, if you give them a shot, could bring you some cash.

Are you one of the many Nigerians who is tired of having to rush to work at 8 a.m. and then finish at 5 p.m. with no extra cash?

There are several daily income businesses you might take into consideration if you’re sick of being told what to do and want to be your own boss.

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executive summary and how to write your own

You might gain insight into how to build a company that you can gradually expand while earning a side income from this essay about beginning a small business.

We’ve developed a list of 19 daily income enterprises in Nigeria that you can earn from, so your difficulties are finished. These are just a few of Nigeria’s 50 hottest business concepts.

Continue reading to discover 19 tiny businesses you can start with very little capital that will pay you money every day.

Profitable Daily Income Business In Nigeria to Make Money

Rearing of Layers For Egg Production

Authentic hatcheries must be used to obtain day-old chicks or layers who have already started laying if you want to set up poultry layers farms.

Nigerian poultry farming has developed into one of the most lucrative Business ideas, not just for farmers but for anybody eager to master the trade.

Plantain Chips Business

Take a stroll down the street to find a variety of brands of plantain chips that are hot commodities.

So, if you are able to handle producing and shipping goods to distributors and merchants, you will be able to earn a solid living every day.

What you require:

  • Labels (N2,000), nylons (N3,800), a tiny sealing machine (N17,000), a large pan (N3,800), and other kitchenware (N5,000).

  • The remaining N 25,000 is used for logistics and plantain purchases. Deliver to the retailers and wholesalers to earn a consistent daily wage.

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Personal Loan Calculator

Freelance Writer

One of the best daily income businesses anyone can start in Nigeria is this one.

It is a less capital-intensive enterprise, and all that is needed to write for websites are excellent and professional writing skills.

Depending on the subject and website for which you write, some freelance writers might earn anywhere from $50 to $2,000 for each post. Data and a laptop or smartphone are all you need.

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Makeup Studio

Another daily income enterprise in Nigeria is this one. You might not need a shop to start out in the beginning.

You will be surprised by the number of calls you receive if you simply promote your knowledge on social media.

Tell friends about your makeup studio

You can quickly advance to the level of an expert by just enrolling in a degree program or even watching internet videos on how to make people up. In Nigeria, depending on the event and the style of makeup, a makeup artist can expect to make between N5,000 and N50,000.

Transportation Business

Without a doubt, one of the most lucrative daily income industries in Nigeria is the transportation industry.

Human life depends on mobility, which is why you may always find individuals commuting from one location to another.

You can see that life becomes intolerable for those who lack their own means of transportation when there is no public transportation to take them to their various destinations.

You may image how much money you stand to make if you buy a bus or a small Toyota Corolla or Camry to be used for town drops or Uber service.

A bus or Uber driver makes between N20,000 and N50,000 per day, so starting a transportation company is another business to consider.

Phones, Laptops and Accessories Shop

Phones are among the items that sell the fastest in Nigeria. We observe people selling their old phones and related devices, such as chargers, earbuds, laptops, etc., in order to get new ones.

The majority of these electronic accessories are available for online purchase on Alibaba or Ali express. Naturally, the price decreases as you make more purchases on these online marketplaces. Additionally, because these accessories are lightweight, sending them to Nigeria won’t be too difficult or expensive.

The majority of these items are available from these overseas e-commerce websites for as little as N500 and are offered for greater costs.

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Bakery Business

You must be aware that the greatest product to deal with is one that is highly sought after in the market, and bread is one of these things.

Recent study and survey results indicate that bread is one of the top 10 foods consumed worldwide. In Nigeria, bread makes a thoughtful present. One popular item purchased and requested when individuals move from one location to another is bread.

Given this, it is reasonable to say that beginning a bread bakery business in Nigeria or anyplace else in the world will be a successful venture.

Barber shop

Every male in Nigeria visits a barbershop usually weekly, either to have his beard shaved or to have his hair cut, paying N300 or N1000 depending on where they are.

Women also attend the barbershop to either have their hair dyed or cut in addition to men.

One of the top daily income businesses in Nigeria is opening a barbershop. Additionally, starting a business is incredibly simple and only costs N300,000; the good news is that there is a ready market for it.

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Depending on the available funds, you can open a number of barbershops that are dispersed throughout the city and hire qualified barbers to run or manage each one for you.

Depending on where you are, you might expect weekly returns of N10,000 to N15,000 or possibly more.

The following factors need to be taken into account if you want to open a respectable and reasonable salon:

  • Rent a shop at a location where you have a high population, it is always advisable to consider residential areas where the shop can easily be assessed by the residents.

  • It has to be well furnished to provide comfort to customers, with wall mirrors, television, sound, good ventilation, rotational chairs, and waiting for chairs.

  • Equipment such as clippers, powder, a UV light for killing germs and infections from clippers, relaxers, hair dye, towel warmers, cover clothes, gloves, etc.

  • A generator should always be handy in case of a power outage.

  • You can also buy extra products for sale, products like clippers, blades, brushes, aftershaves, etc.

Start A POS Business Service

POS Payment services are the next business on our list of viable daily income businesses in Nigeria.

The POS business is useful in places where there are no banks or few ATMs since it can handle e-payments for customers who cannot travel to the bank due to a long line or insufficient ATMs.

Depending on the amount being withdrawn or transferred, you can charge up to N100. You only need a tiny store or kiosk and a POS machine.

You can also order your pos machine on jumia.

 Betting Shop

One of the popular day-to-day businesses in Nigeria that can earn you a respectable salary is opening a betting store.

Given that many Nigerians without access to smartphones love to gamble, you may build a betting shop for as little as N400,000. This will allow people to come in and wager and play virtual games in addition to other sports.

Professional Car Wash

Car washing is another lucrative business that you might run to generate consistent income in daily basis. It is easy and affordable to erect.

Nowadays, many car owners choose to have their vehicles washed at a car wash rather than washing them yourself because they find the process to be time-consuming and tiresome.

You must have at least five automobiles to wash each day, costing N1,000 apiece, for a daily total of N5,000.

To get started, all you need is a bucket, along with hoses, brushes, vacuum cleaners, dashboard spray, rags, sponges, and other materials.

Okirika (OK) Clothes and Shoe Business

If you pay close attention, you’ll see that relatively few individuals buy items from Okrika vendors since they can’t afford the pricey clothing and shoes.

Wherever decent clothing and shoes are offered, there will always be a swarm of people, so why not explore this as it is inexpensive to start and offers the potential for daily income.

Sports Viewing Centers

Imagine how much money you could make by building a sports watching center where fans can come to see their favorite teams compete. The majority of teenagers in Nigeria are football fanatics, and the majority of games are played on weekends.

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You only need a room, two to five huge televisions, a generator, some chairs, and a DSTV premium subscription.

In accordance with your location, you can charge N100 or N300. Think about renting out a space that can hold up to 100 people per weekend or more for N100 or more.

Laundry and dry cleaning services

Without a question, running a laundry service may help you make money every day. Depending on the area, a medium-sized laundry and dry cleaning service can cost anywhere between N400,000 and N1,000,000.

The majority of the money is spent on leasing an office, getting a generator, buying washing machines, and other extras. You can easily utilize your house as an office if you really want to cut money.

  • You need the following to open a laundry and dry cleaning business:

  • Washing machine.

  • Pressing Iron and Ironing board

  • Buckets and water storage tank to stop some water, so as to ensure that there is no interruption in operations in case of public water supply outages.

  • Packaging bags for packaging ironed clothes.

Food Vendor

One of the lucrative daily income businesses in Nigeria to start is the restaurant industry.

Start-up is very simple and affordable. Imagine spending N5,000 to make a pot of soup with garri in it and then selling the soup for an additional N4,000 or more.

If you enjoy cooking, read the definitive guide to opening a restaurant in Nigeria. This is a tried-and-true business concept.

Business of raw foodstuffs

Nigerians are food enthusiasts who favor home-cooked meals over fast food. You can start a business selling popular cooking ingredients like rice, beans, and garri.

In this situation, you bargain to rent a store adjacent to or near the market and begin selling your wares. On successful days, you might earn up to #10,000 per day.

Business of graphic design

Consider a profession in graphic design if you have creative and artistic tendencies. Even if you’ve never designed before, you can learn how to do it from scratch.

This kind of company in Nigeria guarantees daily income.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the technique of promoting a manufacturer’s products on social media using your own affiliate link in order to increase sales. You will receive a share of the proceeds when you sell these items.

Examples of products that can be sold through affiliate marketing include digital and physical goods. There are several affiliate programs available, and you can profit from each one.

Affiliate marketing is the technique of promoting a manufacturer’s products on social media using your own affiliate link in order to increase sales. You will receive a share of the proceeds when you sell these items.

 Benefits of Daily Income Business in Nigeria 

The advantages of daily income enterprises in Nigeria can hardly be overstated. Startups gain a lot from it, especially if there is a lack of finance or cash.


There are many profitable daily businesses in Nigeria. All you need to do is to be sincere in what you do, be consistent, put in the hard work, and of course, have the information to execute the process.

A lucrative business idea with a small capital model which is estimated to hit #500,000 will easily give you up to #2,000 a day as passive income or even more. Yes, you can actually make money each day with any business ventures listed in this article that you can comfortably start. 

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