Cheapest business to start in Nigeria

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Cheapest business to start in Nigeria

Cheapest business to start in Nigeria 

Do you want to know the cheapest business in Nigeria to start that can yield a fantastic profit? Are you trying to start a business in Nigeria that won’t require a lot of capital but will allow you to make a living? You are now on the appropriate page.
I’ll discuss several incredible business prospects in Nigeria that you may start with little to no money in this post.
In this context, “cheapest business” refers to any venture that may be launched with relatively little funding. So, if you’re seeking for those kinds of company concepts, this piece has you covered. Let’s look at a few of them.

Cheapest Business To Start In Nigeria

Start A Service For Errands
An errand service business is one of the simplest to launch if you’re looking for a cheap business to start in Nigeria. You may help folks who don’t have time to run errands by offering your services as an errand service provider. The term “errands” can refer to anything from grocery shopping to regular chores like cleaning, washing clothes, and washing cars.
You must network with people who are likely to use your errand service if you want to be successful. Folks in high net worth neighborhoods in Nigeria are typically more likely to use your errand service than people in low income neighborhoods.
Additionally, you could wish to narrow down and specialize in your errand-running services. In recent years, supermarket shopping has been incredibly popular in Nigeria. Simply make a decision about how to do business, then carry it out. My friend launched an errand business with an emphasis on assisting customers with their grocery shopping at neighborhood markets. She assists them in purchasing the items on their list at the neighborhood market. Her company expanded quickly to the point where she needed to hire more employees. So, I am aware that if done well, it is a highly viable business. It is also quite affordable to start.
Take Up Private Tutoring
Another inexpensive company to start in Nigeria is private tutoring. This plan may suit you the best if you have a passion for education. You only need to raise awareness in the neighborhood where you want to offer tutoring services, and parents who require your services will call you.
Start by simply printing posters that promote your service and pasting them in appropriate locations. Make sure to provide your contact information so that anyone who is considering doing business with you can get in touch with you.
Make careful to plan properly when the calls start flooding in and avoid enrolling in more classes than you can handle. As time goes on, you may be able to link more tutors to tutoring opportunities that you are unable to accept while also charging a small fee for your assistance.
Start An Affiliate Marketing Business
One of the cheapest businesses to start in Nigeria is an affiliate marketing firm. It entails signing up for affiliate networks and receiving a commission for each sale you generate. Although affiliate marketing is a fairly simple business to launch, it requires tenacity, tenacity, and exceptional intelligence to flourish.
Finding a product that interests you is the first step, followed by joining an affiliate network. You’ll receive a special ID and a tracking link.
A cookie file identifying the affiliate is saved on the user’s computer once a prospective customer clicks the link and enters the merchant’s website. Additionally, the retailer is immediately aware of the visitor’s origin once they purchase the item. The merchant then pays the agreed-upon commission.
Start A Writing Service
Another inexpensive enterprise to launch in Nigeria is a writing service. You are prepared to launch your own writing business if you already own a computer or smartphone and have internet access.
My very good friend introduced me to Fiverr after I completed my voluntary National Youth Service, and it was on that site that I began my two-year-long writing career.
I can confidently say that by using freelance platforms to market your writing abilities, you can earn more than 100,000 Naira each month. Create an account on websites like,, and to get started
Nigerians are generally hardworking people and they love entrepreneurship. But due to the unfortunate economic situation of the country, many Nigerians are on the lookout for the cheapest business to start in Nigeria. Hopefully, this post can help point you in the right direction for businesses you can start with little or no startup. The ball is now in your court.
Are you looking for other profitable business ideas in Nigeria? Then get our researched guide; 35 booming business ideas. It’s a strategic and financial breakdown of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria. To keep track of our activities, follow you.

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