This Is Why Side Hustles In Nigeria 2022 Is So Famous

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side hustles in nigeria

Side Hustle Ideas To Make 100k+ Per Month in Nigeria

One of the simplest methods to increase your income is through side jobs, which will enable you to pay off debt, save for a large purchase, increase your retirement savings, and lessen your financial stress.

Some of the Importance of Side hustles are :

1. It will result in greater savings.

Making extra money (or, if you don’t currently have a work, money off something you’re passionate about) is one of the most tempting parts of a side hustle. The potential earnings from your side business depend on what it is, and the extra cash is a terrific way to start building your savings or paying off your student loans. Alternately, you might use the funds to expand your current company!

2. You will gain knowledge and experience from it.

Imagine that you decide to start selling your handmade goods online. It’s a great opportunity to use your imagination and earn a little extra money, but you’ll definitely pick up new talents unknowingly along the process. You would learn how to interact with clients, market your business, set prices, and much more.

These are highly valuable business skills that you can apply to more than just your side business. Who knows, though? You’ll become more aware of whether or not your current employment is exactly what you want to try to do as you get experience with these skills, or whatever skills you create from your own side hustle.

3. You might make it your full-time job.

Most people who convert their side business into a full-time career do so by becoming full-time self-employed, which has a ton of benefits, including: Greater flexibility to work when and when you want

Instead of being constrained by the salary of your primary work, you can increase the size of your side business to earn more.

You have the opportunity to be your own boss, which I personally adore.

The drawbacks of working for yourself include the likelihood that your initial income will not be as stable. But this is frequently one of the simplest justifications for beginning a side business right away. While making a modest income for your day job, you’ll increase demand and your clientele. The important thing to remember is that you have a choice. And it’s not called a side hustle because it’s simple; it requires work to turn a side hustle into a full-time job. Side businesses are a way to make your ambition of quitting your day job a reality.

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Having stated some important of side hustle, read on to get more profitable idea to make extra money

1. You can start Blogging as a Side hustle

Blogging is one among the foremost common side hustles because it is generally done from almost anywhere. Any location may become your personal publishing den with just a laptop or phone and a WiFi connection.

Although it may not be directly profitable, a blog can go a long way in helping you advance your profession, especially for bloggers aiming to build up a personal brand, audience, and portfolio. In fact, one of the most intriguing aspects of blogging is how it may advance your career; by sharing your work, you can demonstrate to hiring managers how you approach issues and the projects you’ve worked on.

If you choose to apply for a replacement position, writing down this information will help you get noticed or stand out from a sea of resumes.

Similar to teaching, blogging is frequently about anything that an interested audience wants to know, so there is plenty of room to require a deep dive into a subject you’re passionate about. But learning how to launch a blog that generates income is a struggle with this side business.

Page views don’t pay the bills, so you’ll probably need to do some side job to make blogging financially viable in the long run. For example, you might promote users to items, offer sponsored posts or adverts, or even offer a connecting service. The benefit? You’ll have already taken the time to create an audience.

2. Cokk and delivery

Food must be cooked if people must eat it. But for many people, the issue is with cooking.

Your targets could include bachelors, working-class mothers with high incomes, elderly families, busy working-class persons, etc.

Even without a budget, you can launch your business. It matters where you are in the world and how you present your company.

This may start out as a side hustle until your clientele expands, at which point it will become a full-time employment.

2.Real Estate Agent Side hustle

My brother made time out of his busy weekend schedule to drive a quarter-mile and give 50,000 to a woman he barely knew. A few weeks before, he had introduced himself to the woman at church and mentioned the 500,000 apartment he was attempting to rent. The woman had located a tenant for my brother, earning her an immediate $50,000 for the introduction! Simply by putting buyers and tenants in touch with property owners, you can earn 10% of the value of a property.

My conversation partner had a property that might be purchased from a “distressed owner.” Before he entered the firm a year ago, things had been really difficult for him. He visits estate agents (particularly those who are trapped in the past and have no idea how to advertise online) and requests a list of the properties they have available for sale and rental. Then he uploads them on Facebook and WhatsApp. He receives a tenth of the proceeds from any acquisition, whether it be the sale of a $5 million home or the rent on a $500,000 property. While my friend worked on this full-time, you can often earn money on the side doing this in your own time. the only resources needed are a data subscription and a some preliminary research.

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3. Makeup Artist

Believe me. Beauty in this world is no longer subjective, particularly in Nigeria. Makeup artists are now in charge of it.

Seriously, I have no idea how they manage to transform a demon into an angel.

They make a very excellent living, though, by hiding people’s facial imperfections.

Whether you’re a male or female student, you might want to think about this side job.

I didn’t suggest that employees couldn’t work a second job doing makeup; after all, ceremonies are frequently held on weekends, especially in Nigeria.

So, been a worker cant stop you from making Makeup Artist as a side hustle.

4.Create your own designs for a print-on-demand business

If you have a flair for design and want to dangle your entrepreneurial toe in the water, print-on-demand enterprises are entertaining and make great side hustle ideas because they are low-risk businesses. You can easily upload creative designs to products like t-shirts, mugs, canvas bags, pillows, and more using Shopify tools like Printful and Printify, which will allow you to quickly add new products to your Shopify store.

Items are printed and shipped to customers from your manufacturer when they make a purchase. Print on demand has one major advantage over manufacturing goods in bulk: you may increase your product supply to meet demand without making significant upfront inventory purchases. Additionally, you’ll continue to brand and enliven things with your own visual designs.

Additionally, you’ll have more time to plan on creating and marketing your company because the labor-intensive tasks of producing and delivering are delegated to a third party.

5.Use your skills or talent to Provide a service

Every now and then, both businesses and individuals need some kind of service. Laundry, cabs, cleaning, coaching, and more services are possible. The kind of ability you have and how highly people respect it will determine how much money you can make from a service. For instance, if you are strong at math, you might start a math class for teenagers authoring Jamb lessons in your town.

If you excel in a sport, such as football, you might create a training program for teenagers in your neighborhood. Once parents see these services, they are willing to purchase them. If someone wants to write, why not establish a paid guest blog? You’ll make enough money once you’ve written ten articles a week to cover that extra salary.


Driving a taxi can be a side business; working class women typically do so to earn extra money after their regular job hours (8 am to 4 pm).

If you live in a metropolis like Lagos, Abuja, or Benin City and you can drive (or have access to a car), becoming an Uber/Bolt/Taxiify partner would allow you to earn some extra money. As an Uber partner, you get access to the Uber driver’s app, which connects you with those in need of a cab who are in close proximity to you.

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You pick up and drop off the customers, and you are automatically reimbursed from their bank accounts directly into your bank account, less a 25% Uber fee. If you don’t want to drive the car, you can give it to a driver who will use it to make money for you when you’re not using it in exchange for a wage or a percentage. You can get a detailed description of the registration process here, and you’ll use this link to sign up as a partner.

7.Start a dropshipping business

Consider beginning a dropshipping business if you want the automated features of print-on-demand but are more interested in marketing and management than generating unique designs. Another online business strategy is dropshipping, in which a third party creates and ships your existing products. All you need to do is set up your store, set the pricing for your goods, and promote your company.

Dropshipping is another low-risk possibility to use as a side business since, as stated earlier, things are only shipped when they are purchased. As long as your marketing costs are acceptable, this provides a lot of room for profit. Dropshipping also frees up a ton of your time because a third party handles production and shipping. To attract more buyers, dropship on online stores like Amazon and eBay.

The time you save by dropshipping is frequently used to identify a specific market niche to target, market your items, locate new clients, or assist existing ones. Dropshipping is undoubtedly a side business for those who wish to exercise their marketing muscles because development and style are conspicuously lacking from this equation.

8. Mini importation business

You’ll be surprised that you don’t need any huge amount of money to start a mini importation business.

Mini importation business is when you import a small volume of goods from a manufacturing country like China to Nigeria at a minimum cost and maximum profit.

The processes is quite easy, anyone can do mini importation as long as they can read and write. Your phone or a laptop computer; internet connection active email address, traceable home address, and as small as 100K or less is all you need to start.


CONTENT WRITING is a flexible side business that allows you to work from home, an office, or any other location of your choosing.

If you enjoy writing, you can start a side business writing material. Most online businesses require copywriters, and if you know where to look, there are ALWAYS opportunities available. You’ll have plenty of work if you join Facebook groups for article writers.

10.Barbing Salon

There are various approaches you can take. You can choose to open a barbershop and hire someone to run it for you, or you can choose to merely operate the barbershop on the weekends and during the evenings (or any other days you won’t be going to work). Just make sure to set up shop in a bustling area where you will have an advantage over your rivals.

11. Website Designing/Development

If you know how to design and manage websites, this is a side hustle that can even fetch you more money than your current salary.

In fact, you can attend to clients’ gigs during your free time at work. Many companies and individuals out there are in need of a functional website for one reason or another, and they can’t do it themselves. They will therefore be glad to pay you for it, and it’s something that can be done in any part of the world.

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