Business to start with 10k in Nigeria

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Business to start with 10k in Nigeria

Business to start with 10k in Nigeria

Business to start with 10k in Nigeria

Business to start with 10k in Nigeria

Do you truly want to discover what businesses you can launch for under 10k? Don’t worry; I’ll offer you a list of 21 suggestions.
These company ideas are lucrative and can enable anyone to lead a comfortable life. Sadly, many of them have not been thoroughly investigated.
Many people in African nations live in poverty due to the high unemployment rate. It is so awful that many people are left wandering the streets without even a place to stay.
The good news is that there is always a way out of any difficulty.

  Yes! Without having to wait for a job with the state or federal government, you can live a good life. You don’t need to be tremendously wealthy to start a business, and if you do it right, you can make enough money to support yourself and maybe even help others.

This post attempts to give you tips on how to begin producing your own money even with a limited starting budget. You can get an idea of how to start anything with as little as 10k by looking at the business ideas provided here.

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To be very honest, only serious individuals should pursue a career in digital marketing. If you are the type who takes business seriously, you can start this business and make a million dollars in a week.

I have witnessed a 23-year-old use digital marketing to construct his own home. One of my friends made 2M in one week, and another made 4M in six months. And yes, they all legitimately and stress-free earned their income. All you have to do to start earning a lot of money using these in-demand abilities is to learn them.


One of the simplest online businesses is affiliate marketing. Currently, there are a few affiliate marketing companies operating in Nigeria, including Expertnaire, Learnoflix, and AffiliatedNg.

For each sale made, they all provide their associates large commissions. However, AffiliatedNg is currently the most reasonably priced to join. In addition to being reasonably priced, the site offers 7 alternative opportunities to make money. You will also receive a complete refund of your registration cost.


The type of creative writing you do for money is called freelancing. Through blog posts, sales letters, copywriting, product reviews and descriptions, articles, etc., writers complete the necessary writing for clients and publishing businesses.
To get started, you don’t even need money. You only require a laptop or smartphone in addition to your natural writing abilities. Simply look for writing jobs online, download the WPS app to your Android phone, and begin writing for money.

You may launch a freelance business from the comfort of your own home and start earning some serious cash. You can join this writing team and start making money right away if you already have some writing experience.

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Social media altered the idea of selling a few of years ago. Companies and brands can interact with consumers through social media promotion.
A huge website like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter might be used for this. Smaller sites created for communities can likewise be used for it. Social media is comparable to a fantastic hall where people can socialize with existing friends and family or make new ones.
Customers should interact with items that are interesting and pertinent to them. Therefore, companies wouldn’t mind hiring you to interact with potential clients who could have queries, recommendations, complaints, or who prefer to contact the company via online dialogues in order to grow their customer base.
You may begin by contacting certain businesses via email and expressing your interest in working as their social media marketer. Make sure you provide evidence to back up your request, demonstrating your value to the organization. All you need to start with, if you can get through this step, is marketing expertise, an internet subscription, and consistency.


This is a year-round, evergreen industry. It is constantly in demand.
For survival, people require food! People will never go without food, regardless of how difficult or robust the economy is. If you manage this firm successfully, it will bring you wealth.
It’s incredibly simple to gain repeat business. Customers will always come back if your food is good and wholesome. You’ll be able to manage a profitable food business if you can find a good site, gain the right skills, and hire the right people.


This business is one where you buy goods at wholesale prices from outside (such as Europe, Asia, or America) and resell them locally for a profit. Make sure the product is in high demand in your community.
Mini-importation differs from dropshipping in that it necessitates purchasing goods from Chinese websites like Alibaba, 1688, or rz-sourcing and sending them to Nigeria (or wherever you are based).
Start employing advertisements to market the products before or when they arrive at your doorstep to generate sales. You better believe that many Nigerians profit from this industry every day.


With dropshipping, the distributor doesn’t have inventory on hand; instead, they sell the product directly to the client. He accomplishes this by sending the manufacturer, another distributor, or a middleman the information of the cargo, who subsequently ships the goods to the customer.
Profit is made from the difference between the wholesale and retail values, as is common in the retail industry. Some drop shippers do, however, receive a predetermined percentage of the middleman’s sales.
You only need to pick what you want to sell before starting this business, and you can automate your savings using PiggyVest.
Select a platform like Shopify or another online store on which you wish to sell it. Just that.
Dropshipping eliminates the need for any initial product purchase or handling. Customers place orders and receive their purchases directly from your website.


Crop breeding, production, and distribution, seed supply, farm equipment processing, marketing, and retail sales promotion are all included in this company’s activities.
Around 2016, I met a young woman from Imo state named Veronica who was involved in this modest agriculture enterprise. She developed a tiny farm in her backyard when her parents passed away in the early part of 2014. She is a prosperous farmer who owns one of the largest farms in the entire state of Imo, a car, and a duplex, to put it briefly.
Hey, to start a business in agriculture, you don’t need a lot of land or money. If you have a house, you can still grow some crops inside or locate a small planting place nearby to make the most of your space. You can carry the harvest or produce to the markets whether you live in the town or the countryside.


Without a doubt, the small chops company is one of the rapidly expanding industries in Nigeria that is present everywhere. This frequently occurs since it has evolved into an unstoppable food option at gatherings and is less onerous to prepare than cooking.
Most people mistake preparing little chops for baking pastries. They are not the same, no. You might be skilled at making cakes and other sweets but miserable at making tiny chops. Facet dishes are small chops, sometimes known as finger appetizers, that are offered at gatherings.
However, in more recent times, people and businesses organize them in the reception area or at work, whether for a party or for personal use. One of the most profitable and affordable businesses you can start is the demand for this convenient and stress-free service.
This brings to mind a woman in her mid-20s who sought my business guidance many years ago. I recommended her to start a small firm and offered her 7,000 after realizing she had a talent for it.


Fish farming is gradually becoming one of Africa’s most successful industries. As a result, a wide range of people are entering the industry like never before. You can raise fish for others through fish farming, but you will also be the main source of the fish in your soup for the entire year!
It entails constructing ponds, tap lakes, or concrete lakes, fertilizing the lake, putting the fingerling fish in livable water, and feeding the fish until they are old enough to be sold. The most prevalent type of fish farming in Nigeria is catfish farming.
You can start this business on a small scale with just 10k by setting up your own fish pond using a 1000 liters open plastic container.

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