how to get loan from access bank 2022

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how to get loan from access bank

how to get loan from access bank

how to get loan from access bank

The Access Bank Loan

In Nigeria, getting a loan is unavoidable, whether it is from a family member or a business; practically everyone has a tale about needing a loan.

The Access bank loan is intended to finance the requirement for which you initially requested it.

Types of Loans Offered By Access Bank

  • Loans for the Creative Sector:

These loans from the Central Bank of Nigeria are intended to build capacity and create jobs for people and enterprises in sectors including fashion, information technology, film production and distribution, music, and so on.

  • The Lending Against Turnover (LATO);

instant loan product is intended for non-salary account holders who have been doing business with the Bank for at least six months. This kind of loan is for 30 days and doesn’t demand any collateral or paperwork from the recipient. Applying for this type of loan is simple with the Access Bank loan code: *901*11*1#. For loans in Nigeria, see the USSD code.

  • Personal loans:

Through a salary administration solution, this category of loan aims to empower employees’ needs. It is flexible and has a 36-month duration.

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  • Salary Advance:

Access Bank offers employees a compensation advance that allows them to access up to 100% of their net monthly salary. Through their Quick Bucks app or USSD code, you may easily apply for it without providing any paperwork or collateral. The person has three months to repay. 

Get a loan up to N100,000 at the best affordable rates in Nigeria

With the help of our loan simulator, you can now compare interest rates from various lenders and choose the best deal. Before committing, it’s important to compare various loan offers in order to make an informed choice. With the help of our simulator, you can quickly compare loan offers from various lenders in less than 5 minutes, allowing you to choose the best financing option.

  • Vehicle Financing:

If you’ve been seeking for a convenient way to buy a new car, an Access Bank vehicle finance loan will provide you with the funds you need. Salary earners, SME proprietors, and corporate entities are all welcome. You have access to a large range of suppliers, and you have 48 months to repay the loan.

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You may use our platform to quickly compare loans from several lenders, simplify the process, and guarantee that the choice you make is the right one for your circumstances. The greatest method to consider many advantages and disadvantages and decide accordingly is to do this.

  • Advance for School Fees:

As a parent or ward, you have the option of borrowing money to cover your ward’s or child’s tuition. You may also borrow money to pay for professional training programs and certificates with this kind of loan.

  • Maternal Health Service Support (MHSS):

This loan is intended to pay for operations connected to conception and reproduction.

Access Bank Loan Requirements & How to Borrow Money

1. A completed application form, an employer confirmation form, a copy of your employment ID, your BVN (see how to check BVN), credit checks, and a letter of lien are required for a personal loan.

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2. You require a phone number that is connected to your BVN and proof that you got a salary check in the previous month in order to be approved for the LATO loan, small ticket personal loan, and salary advance loan.

3. You must have a business plan or a statement of how much money you need for your company to qualify for the creative industry loan.

4. A properly completed application form, a duly accepted offer letter, a bill or invoice for school fees in the student’s name, a valid ID card, and a recent utility bill from the previous three months are required in order to receive an advance for school costs.

How to Pay Back Access Bank Loan

When you borrow money from Access Bank, they will fully explain to you how to pay it back.

After approximately 30 days after receiving the majority of the merchandise, you will pay in monthly installments. To relieve you of the hassle of making frequent trips to your banks, this sum is automatically withdrawn from your account each month.

Not just Acess Bank finds this odd. The similar approach was used for loans from Zenith Bank and other institutions.


Get Bank has made it easier for Nigerians to access quick loans by offering a selection of lending solutions. They offer a variety of channels via which you may quickly get their loans and inquire about them to make things easy for you. Their Access Mobile App, Internet Banking, WhatsApp Banking, and QuickBucks App are just a few of their available outlets.

how to get loan from access bank

Additionally, you can access the Development Bank Loan by going directly to any Access bank location.

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