what business can i start with 5k in nigeria

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what business can i start with 5k in nigeria

what business can i start with 5k in nigeria

What business can I start with 5k in Nigeria

What kind of business can a Nigerian student with 5K start? What kind of investments may I make to support my studies in Nigeria? What can I do as a student to make money?

In order to obtain a certain certificate or degree, many college or university students enroll in a 4-year course. However, developing business skills while undergoing training is a crucial step in acquiring marketable knowledge and employable talents.

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This article will demonstrate how a student can start a business with little to no cash by marketing the education they have already attained. The information in this post should help you establish your own business shortly.

Nigeria is a vast country with poor leadership, which has led to a complete stoppage of young people’s financial empowerment and a lack of well-paying government jobs, both of which have increased poverty in the nation by 20%.

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Due to a lack of jobs and youth empowerment, we have found that over 70% of Nigerians want to start their own enterprises. We have gathered a list of microbusinesses you may launch in Nigeria for just N5,000 naira.

No matter how small your company is, always remember that working is more preferable to begging. Many enterprises can be established with N5,000, but I’ll simply select a few below that I think will be more successful in Nigeria.

What business can I start with 5K as a student in Nigeria?

1.Noodle making business – what business can i start with 5k in nigeria

Starting this business doesn’t require a big financial commitment; depending on how you want it to look, you can get started with as little as N5,000 to N8,500. It is not necessary for this to resemble the Hausa men in your area; rather, it is an act of making noodles and using bread and egg in the preparation of the messiah.


Build it out of planks or plastic, cover it with wrappers or ta-poling, or any other material that will make it seem good and be exceedingly clean. As opposed to using take-out parks, you could complete this task in advance.

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2.The pure water/bottle water industry

A clean water business can be a good fit for you if you reside in a densely populated area like Lagos because it doesn’t need a lot of startup capital. Starting this business requires between 3,000 and 5,000 naira.

what business can i start with 5k in nigeria

You don’t have to promote yourself. Simply meet with the people selling clean water or table water next to the road and let them know you’re willing to sell to them for less money than they’re now paying.

3.Purchasing and reselling

There are many people in Nigeria who are unaware of this business. Only a few people work in this field, yet they are successful. You wouldn’t believe how profitable this business is, and the greatest part is that you don’t have to work in a factory.

what business can i start with 5k in nigeria

There is no requirement for a store; but, depending on the products you will be selling, your business may require a start-up cost of up to 5,000 Naira or more.

what business can i start with 5k in nigeria

So what business can i start with 5k in Nigeria? Purchase and sell is the answer.

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4.Cloths in London (OKRIKA)

Used clothes known as okrika is imported from various countries. The majority of Nigerians wore okrika, though you wouldn’t know it because they were excellent okrika. In actuality, it is impossible to distinguish between okrika and new apparel when they are combined. Okrika is stocked by many stores in Nigeria and is expensive.

what business can i start with 5k in nigeria

Lagos residents and those living in other Nigerian cities with large populations should definitely consider starting this business. This is the most well-liked business that young people are beginning in Lagos, and it is quite successful.

Is there a business I can start with 5k in Nigeria?

Yes! In Nigeria, there are numerous opportunities to succeed in business with as little as 5,000. You can run those firms and earn a living, just like the ones that were described above. One advantage of this business is that you may launch it for as little as 5000 Naira. For instance, the okirika industry sees a lot of patronage from Nigerians who, due to their average incomes, cannot always afford to purchase brand-new clothing from Italy or Dubai.

 what business can i start with 5k in nigeria

Can I start a business while in school?

Because of the way Nigerian universities and polytechnics are set up, you may be a student and launch a successful business at the same time. If you are already enrolled, you may have noticed some businesses on campus; the majority of these firms are run by students just like you, so don’t waste any more time and start something. So, as a student in Nigeria, can I launch a business with 5,000? You’re capable of succeeding.

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