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List of best business ideas for students in nigeria

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List of business ideas in Nigeria for students looking to earn some money

 List of business ideas in Nigeria for students looking to earn some money

There are numerous business opportunities available to you in Nigeria as a student. These incredible business concepts for Nigeria are listed below. 
Nowadays, so many Nigerian students desire financial independence rather than relying on their parents. They are persuaded, nonetheless, that there are many challenges in their path. Have you ever wondered what you could do for a living in Nigeria? Here are some suggestions to get you going.

Business ideas in Nigeria for students dressing

 Can you style hair, mend weavons, and make hair? Start right now; don’t spend any more time.


An online presence, page, or platform such as a website or blog can be used by an individual, a group of individuals, or even an organization to enlighten, amuse, and educate a specific audience about a certain topic such as politics, humor, entertainment, sports, etc.
As a student, you can start one or several niches, build an audience over time, and then submit an application to ad publishing businesses so they can place their advertisements on your website or blog so you can earn money from them.
You can also work as an advertising and an affiliate marketer, so the possibilities are endless.
Learning the craft of developing websites and blogs for people or organizations and receiving payment is another option to earn money through blogging.
The best part about this cool approach to get money is that it doesn’t require much time!

3.Mobile App Development

The act or process of creating a mobile app for a mobile device, such as a personal digital assistant, business digital assistant, or mobile phone, is known as mobile app development.
You’ll note that practically every website in Nigeria has a mobile app; this is because mobile apps are typically incredibly fast and data-friendly, loading webpages much more quickly than mobile apps do.
You may make a lot of money as a student by learning how to create apps.

4.Graphics Designer

You’ll be successful if you can create graphics for people or businesses, such as flyers or handbills. Start right now. If you can’t design, you may still enroll in part-time training; the cost won’t be more than 20,000.

5.Laptop And Phone Charging

Get the “I better Pass My Neigbour” generator and built extension if you live in or near locations where power supply is an issue; the business has already begun.
50 Naira will charge a phone, while 100 Naira will charge a laptop.
Check out the market to see how it performs.
Even with a small yearly tax, you can rent space on campus to operate your company.


A video blog, often known as a video log or simply a “vlog,” is a type of blog that uses video as the primary medium.
More than 2 billion people visit one of the most well-known websites in the world every day to view hundreds of millions of hours of video on YouTube.
The popularity of YouTube can help you generate income online.
No, you’re not aiming to make a “viral video,” as it were, though it would be excellent if it were to go viral and be viewed by millions of people.
Instead, you’ll be employing a tried-and-true method for consistently increasing the number of views for numerous films.
You’ll be producing informative content that viewers will find interesting.
And it works in a plethora of various markets.
The possibilities are endless; it might be a talking-head or how-to film about a subject that attracts viewers in your niche.
The nicest thing is that you may add advertisements to those videos.
You earn more money the more people watch your material. Cool, huh?

7.Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Business

The importance of advertising cannot be overstated given the rising number of people starting businesses every day and the fact that many of these entrepreneurs are seeking for ways to increase their profits.
Over the years, online advertising has been incredibly beneficial, as well as creating a new space for SEO (SEO).
By making a website or web page more visible to users of a search engine, SEO works to increase both the quality and volume of website traffic.
Direct traffic and the acquisition of sponsored placement are not included in SEO; rather, it pertains to the enhancement of unpaid results, also referred to as “natural” or “organic” results.
Additionally, it may target specialized search types including picture, video, news, academic, and vertical search engines that cater to particular industries.
As a student, acquiring this skill will make you very wealthy and won’t necessarily demand your personal presence every time, giving you more time to study.


When fresh materials are made available in your department, let everyone know that you can assist them in getting a copy.
Charge them cheaply, go to a copy shop, and let them know you’ll be bringing them work on a daily basis in exchange for a commission on all the copies you deliver.
Once you agree to it, money will start flowing.

9.Selling Of Past Questions

A few weeks before examinations, collect past questions from whatever Level and course you like, compile them, and start selling them.

10.Selling Of Clothes And Oil Perfumes

You have an edge starting this business if you’re a woman.
Visit various on-campus lodges and hostels while wearing inexpensive clothing.
Girls never get tired of wearing clothes, so be sure to include your contact information on a printed piece of paper and give it to customers who may require your products in the future.
Try to spread the word about your company to your classmates and use your WhatsApp Status to post daily advertisements.


 Over to you, let me know which of the above business ideas for Nigerian Students that suit your taste, and you are free to add more to the above listed by using the comment box below.

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