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Crazies crack to make money with clickbank affiliate marketing 2022

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Crazies crack to make money with clickbank affiliate marketing 2022

Crazies crack to make money with clickbank affiliate marketing 2022

The majority of affiliate marketers are aware of ClickBank (and if you aren’t, I’ll describe what it does right below), but few of you are aware of how to profit from ClickBank.
An affiliate marketing newbie’s typical workflow is to sign up, discover a lousy product with a large commission, and then begin to daydream about how it would generate sales.
They then add some random traffic to it and watch as nobody makes a single purchase. They finally decide that the platform is terrible. It sounds like you?
Here’s how it went for us, though.
The first time we attempted to monetize the platform was in 2014. Without really trying, we managed to profit $37,075 from it (ClickBank has always been a secondary monetization method, so far, for our businesses).
As we observed Clickbank’s affiliate marketing revenue increase, we paid closer attention to it and made the decision to streamline the procedure in order to increase our ability to earn money online through Clickbank.

What Is Clickbank?

Among affiliate networks is Clickbank.
However, unlike conventional affiliate networks, Clickbank acts as a marketplace for affiliates and product creators, enabling them to collaborate and earn money without the need for extensive documentation or contracts.

How Does Clickbank Work?

In other words, Clickbank acts as a mediator between individuals who produce digital goods like ebooks, videos, music, and so on and affiliate marketers who can resell those goods.
Obviously, Clickbank serves one of two purposes, depending on which market participant you are:

A Platform For Online Sales For Information Product Owners

You can add your product to the database as a product owner, and ClickBank will handle the checkout and e-commerce aspects as well as providing an affiliate network for it.
You will be required to pay a $49.95 one-time activation fee in order to sign up as a Clickbank merchant. I think that by charging this price, some subpar suppliers are successfully kept off the marketplace.
This is excellent if you don’t want to deal with the technical aspects of things, but you should be aware that the platform will deduct a significant amount from your sales ($1 plus 7.5% of the sales).

An Affiliate Product Marketplace

As an affiliate marketer, you may start earning money right immediately by creating your own distinctive affiliate links for thousands of items (more on that later). Your earnings will also be displayed in real time.
There is no application process and joining is free. neither a cap nor intricate metrics. It is essentially a streamlined affiliate network that is available to anyone who wants to give it a try.
If you want to test it out, just sign up on their home page.
Because these platforms don’t take a percentage of your sales, you might wish to switch to them if you start to generate a significant amount of revenue. Examples include Thinkific and Teachable.
Every time you withdraw money, you are further charged a $2.5 payment processing fee on top of the percentage of sales. Additionally, Clickbank has the right to approve consumer returns and charge $0.50 or $1 for it.
The recent decline in Clickbank’s popularity can certainly be attributed to the growth of LMS platforms like the two mentioned above.

Why Clickbank?

If you’re an affiliate marketer, you might be wondering why you should sell ebooks and online courses from unreliable publishers rather than just signing up with a trustworthy company like CJ or Amazon Associates and selling their items.
First off, there is a big market for online education, and Clickbank alone brings in around a quarter billion dollars in sales annually.
Second, digital items have a certain attractiveness. The greatest margins are that beauty. Because it costs nothing to replicate a video and sell it,
One hundred percent of sales might be regarded as profit (outside of marketing costs).
High affiliate commissions result from high profits. Furthermore, Clickbank pays up to 75%.

Step-By-Step: How To Make Money With Clickbank

You must adhere to the same principles as any profitable endeavor if you want to succeed with Clickbank.
To start with, you need to have a good product that people will buy and build a funnel to convert the traffic. Once you’re profitable (i.e., you convert $ more than you invest), you scale the entire operation. Next, you increase your traffic and improve your funnel.
On paper, it seems simple, but alas, few individuals make the effort to do it correctly. Put your best effort into it because only 10% of affiliates generate 90% of affiliate earnings.

How To Pick The Right Product To Promote

Starting as an affiliate and promoting sites that have already been optimized to create your sales funnels is one of the finest methods to make money with Clickbank.
It’s crucial to choose the correct product to promote on ClickBank, much like when conducting keyword research for SEO. No matter how effective your marketing is, if you send them to a sales page that doesn’t convert, you won’t get very far.
I’m searching the ClickBank affiliate market for tasty things to advertise in this little video.


The scope of this technique is a little bit wider than ClickBank itself, as you probably have figured. It’s easy to start by substituting real sales for sources of income like Adsense or Amazon revenue with ClickBank.
If you can make it work, it usually produces a lot more money.
This can be used to promote your own items or other affiliate schemes. However, use caution because offers might sometimes be withdrawn. Make sure you have a backup offer prepared in case this occurs (or that you are able to build a backup on your own).
This guide should have motivated you to move away from “simple” monetization strategies and shown you that it is possible to establish a long-term asset, be recognized as a value adder, and yet profit from Clickbank. Please leave me a comment if you have any questions.

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