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How to make money on fiverr in nigeria

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How to make money on fiverr in nigeria

How to make money on fiverr in nigeria

One of the most incredible online marketplaces, Fiverr connects customers with providers of various services. Numerous freelancers are already earning six figures each year on the marketplace, numbering in the hundreds of thousands. A favorable ecosystem for both purchasers and suppliers of digital services has been created by Fiverr. However, it is particularly advantageous to sellers who are just starting off in their careers. One of the best skills you can have for making money on Fiverr is understanding how to

What is Fiverr?

The website known as Fiverr, which was founded back in 2010, enables individuals to sell their goods and services for a minimum of $5. It links buyers from all around the world, enabling you to start small and develop one of the best portfolios available. Yes, $5 may not seem like much at first, but that’s just the beginning. Once you add it up and consider the current exchange rate, you’ll see exactly how much it can grow to be. Basically, you’ll have fun on Fiverr as long as you know what to do and how to make money there.

What professions does Fiverr accept?

Virtually any digital skill is supported by Fiverr. As a result, if you have a skill, there is something you can provide on Fiverr. Social networking, advertising, video editing, content authoring, graphics design, translations, and other services are some of the most well-known ones. On the platform, these services are referred to as gigs as well. Even students can easily generate money thanks to Fiverr.

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How does Fiverr work?

Fiver operates in a very similar manner to other online markets. The buyer posts an offer and waits for sellers to bid on it, or the seller (freelancer) publishes a profile listing their services and waits for a buyer (client) to make a purchase. Fiverr offers a $5 minimum beginning price and adds a $2 processing fee to each order, plus an additional 5% for orders over $20. Additionally, the seller keeps around 80% of each successful gig’s payment.

How do I make money on Fiverr?

Here are the steps to follow to start making money on Fiverr:

Sign up

You must just register on the Fiverr website at to complete this process. You would need to click a link emailed to your email address to confirm your account after finishing the sign-up procedure. Create your seller profile next, which will be how the Fiverr community will see you. Basically, make sure it’s as appealing as professional as you can.

Create a Fiverr gig

All of the services you provide on Fiverr are combined into a gig. You have the choice of setting your initial price in this section, and you can even offer varying costs based on the assignments. Even better, putting up a gig package would enable you to charge various amounts for various services. Create it to persuade prospective purchasers to choose better bundles.

Start earning

Finally, you can start making money when you land jobs by bidding or by having a buyer hire you for a job. However, progress could be slow at first since some people might not fully trust you. However, as you accumulate more positive customer service ratings, things will get better. Additionally, you have the option of advertising your services to speed up the process. Payments are made to your preferred account, with PayPal being the most widely used.

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 Top 4 suggestions for using Fiverr to earn money online

Visibility holds a prominent position on the ranking table when it comes to patronage. This explains why some concerts draw countless attendees who even agree to wait in line till their turn comes. On the other hand, a different performance of the exact same show receives no support at all. Here are some pointers to assist:

Be kind, professional, and polite.

In the end, it’s important to always be kind and kind to merchants. Make an effort to impress them, and they’ll return for more and contribute to a successful outcome. In essence, you are forced to act in this manner because your entire Fiverr life hinges on their positive evaluations and loyal patronage.

Observe the nuances

The importance of having a strong title and gig description should never be understated because they are essential to your visibility. Make sure your title and sales pitch are SEO-friendly as well. Examine other highly successful gigs in your industry to learn what works, then adopt their structure. Never duplicate them.

Delivering late is not an option.

Being late is a turnoff for any business-related situation, and the Fiverr platform is no different. As a result, make sure you consistently meet your deadlines because the search engine on Fiverr takes this into account. You ascend more quickly the faster you deliver. A smart place to start is by requiring a minimum delivery period of two days, which will provide you breathing room in case any unforeseen circumstances arise.

Always request feedback

The quickest approach for potential customers to trust you is through positive reviews. Sellers will examine your reviews before buying your gigs, just as you would before buying a goods on Jumia. Make every effort to please your customer and earn a perfect 5-star rating from them. Additionally, remember that it’s not a good idea to purchase or fabricate reviews.


You would be in compliance as long as you followed all the guidelines outlined in this article. Simply continue to be excellent, put forth considerable effort to produce the best goods, and, most importantly, follow the seller’s instructions. As with any business, you must excel at what you do in order to stand apart.

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