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Crazy tips to make money with amazon affiliate marketing in 2022

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Crazy tips  to make money with amazon affiliate marketing

Crazy tips to make money with amazon affiliate marketing

The Amazon affiliate program has been quite lucrative for thousands of Internet businesses. One of the simplest programs to sign up for, carry out, and benefit from.
In fact, it was one of the first programs I ever used, and it continues to be the main source of my money today. One of the finest methods to start earning money as an affiliate marketer, in my opinion, is through Amazon’s affiliate program.

Make Money as an Amazon Affiliate

I’ve been making money with the Amazon affiliate program for a while, so I’ve picked up a lot of knowledge along the way. I enjoy experimenting to see what I can do because I’m constantly looking for methods to generate more revenue from the same quantity of traffic.
Whenever I’m ranking niche affiliate websites, I put what I’ve learned to use. You may find some of my finest advice for increasing your Amazon affiliate income below.

Promotions and Sales during Holidays

During Cyber Monday and the rest of the Christmas shopping season, it’s not unusual to make several hundred dollars each day if you have enough traffic. Many affiliates, meanwhile, forget how important it is to pay attention to all holidays.
Sure, holidays like Mother’s Day, President’s Day, and Valentine’s Day won’t bring in as much money as normal, but you may still run specials and increase sales during these periods. You only need to inform your visitors of these sales because Amazon is known to run sales at certain times.
For each of these holidays, Amazon has a special sales page that offers excellent savings on the items your visitors are shopping for. The creation of a “top products” post is another illustration of how to benefit from the holidays.
You could write an article about the top 5 BBQ grills for Father’s Day, for instance. The article’s content would emphasize the items on Amazon’s sales page that were created especially for Father’s Day.
Every holiday should be celebrated in this manner. You should also email your subscriber list around these holidays for added points.
Make sure to target the right keywords in your article title and description while writing this kind of content. Make sure the title and description reference the holiday. If you accomplish this, Google will send you a lot more visitors.

Don’t Ignore Products with cheaper price

Numerous Amazon associates will advise you to pitch pricey things. You should do this because you WILL earn more money, in my opinion. The statement is true.
However, the cheaper products will enable you to sell more overall, which gradually raises the commission percentage that you receive on each sale. Ideally, you should advertise a greater quantity of more expensive products overall.
A commission rise from 8 to 8.5 percent can result in hundreds of dollars more in income if your monthly salary exceeds $10,000. Remember that the starting commission rate for the Amazon affiliate program is 4%, and that increasing your sales will increase your earnings.
By boosting your commission rate from 4 to 8 percent, you might be astonished at how much more money you can make.

Take Advantage of Tracking IDs

Amazon provides you with hundreds of tracking IDs—did you know that? For their entire website, many Amazon Affiliates might employ a single tracking ID.
If you stop to think about it, you’re leaving a ton of important information out there. Tracking IDs are useful since they allow you to monitor which affiliate links convert better than others and may even shed some light on why. You guessed it—tracking IDs are essential for tracking!
Once you identify a winner, you may apply what you’ve learned to all of the other review articles on your website, potentially raising the total amount of money the site makes. If you immediately begin using several tracking IDs, you can always go back and review the data.

Regular Deals

I prefer to designate a specific thread for ongoing promotions. This enables you to inform your audience about goods that are discounted much more frequently than other things.
It can be compared to a post that features weekly offers. You can update the  article each week with the most recent discounts on goods in your specialized market.
The article is highly helpful, therefore readers will want to use your affiliate link to make a purchase. A weekly deal article demonstrates to your visitors that you are genuinely trying to help them, which will help you gain their confidence.
Some affiliate websites produce these kinds of posts every day. How frequently you want to do it is entirely up to you. Weekly deal articles, in my experience, are excellent for boosting your overall Amazon affiliate program income.

Use the “Buy Now” buttons

The best links for CTR and conversion are in-content links, although buy-now buttons are virtually equally successful.
Because the buy-now button employs trusted colors and branding from Amazon, buyers who see it on a website immediately link it with reliability. You’d be surprised at how much more appealing a review article may look when buy-now buttons are included.
These buttons should be used in conjunction with in-content links for the best effects. The good news is that it’s really simple to design and insert these Word Press plugins thanks to the abundance of available plugins.


 To make the list, all you have to do is visit Amazon and look through the bestsellers list for your niche. A list of the top five or ten products can be made. I’m hoping that these pointers will enable you to increase your Amazon affiliate earnings.

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