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Can Content Creators, Writers and Bloggers use ChatGPT to generate Blog Posts?

Is ChatGPT ideal for Content Creators, Copywriters and Bloggers?

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ChatGPT is not ideal for content creators. There is no detailed explanation. It is not the best option if you ask me. This AI only gives a summary of around 100 to 200 words from my end.

But if you want to look at it with me you will definitely understand that I am saying the truth.

An introduction for an article should be at least 300 words – Yoast will tell you that. So what happens to the other subcategories?

Imagine you ask the ChatGPT a question and it gives you a summary, how will you work on that?

To tell you that you still have work to do, you will still have to explain those points given and add sub categories to it and make it detailed to meet up standards.

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AI can’t replace content creators! We have better AIs before the advent of this ChatGPT and yet it is still not very good. In fact, in my opinion, SuferSeo is better than this ChatGPT AI.

There is what we call an excerpt, for example, if you check and search for “how to make money online” you will see that sometimes Google will display a content summary with the listing… I don’t mean that meta description that you optimize with Yoast or rank math that shows on Google, I mean the one that is a bit detailed.

This will be good for writers who are looking for content ideas, people who are doing YouTube screen recording, people doing seminars and meetings only, etc.

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There might be more to this that I don’t know but so far I think in my opinion this tool still has a lot of work to do, and you too if you make use of this, you also have a lot of work to do.

Only lazy writers will glorify this software but the earlier you know the truth the better for you.

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Google now detective AIs so what are we saying?

There is no software that will replace humans because we all don’t think the same way.

Is there anything I am yet to know about ChatGPT, please be honest and say nothing but the truth. Ensure you have tested it yourself so you can explain better.

ChatGPT isn’t that special, It’s not like you guys never copied posts from other bloggers before. ChatGPT just makes it simple by giving you what you want in a matter of seconds, saving you time to walk through the first page of Google, and Bing trying to find the suitable answer.

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