SEO Keyword Research and Keyword Ranking Strategy For Your Blog Contents on SERPs

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Are you finding it hard on SEO Keyword Research and Keyword Ranking?

These SEO Keyword Research and Keyword Ranking Strategies will help Your Blog Contents Rank Easily on SERPs.

Low keyword difficulty is not all that you must check before embarking on writing a topic around a keyword. You need to check the following too;

1. Know the Search intent, what is the intent of the searcher? You must know that also.

2. Know the keyword intent. Is it transactional, informational, comparative or investigational, or Navigational?

3. Know what type of content Google is ranking. Is it listicles, infographics, tables, etc?

4. Know what type of site ranking for it. Is it forum, UGC, eCommerce, Blog, etc?

10 places to do FREE keyword research:

1. Reddit
2. Quora
3. YouTube auto complete
4. Google auto complete
5. Amazon auto complete
6. Walmart auto complete
7. Google PAA
8. Google Trends
9. Industry Forums
10. FAQ on Google Business Profile
11. Questions in blog comments

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How To Rank A Stubborn Keyword

You found a keyword; you wrote a well-constructed article on it, you built quality Backlinks, you interlinked the post, and Google indexed it.

Yet despite all your efforts you are not still ranking.

Here’s a tip for you:

Write sub posts for your targeted keyword.
Write at least 5 sub posts, and interlink all the sub posts to your major post.
For instance, you’re targeted keyword is

“Best Real Estate Companies In Canada”

Write 5 more topics on that angle with titles like, why you need the best real estate company in Canada, 5 tips for choosing the best real estate company in Canada, and so on.

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Make sure at the end of the article you redirect users to the main targeted keyword.


What do you do if keywords seem identical and you don’t know if you should make it H2 or a New post?

For example:

Let’s say you have two keywords
1. how to get rid of rashes on my body
2. How to treat rashes on my skin

These two keywords look the same and are very related, how do you write on them?


Type in the keywords one after the other and see how Google is ranking sites based on the keywords.

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If different sites show different results for each of the keywords, then you should make them a separate post.

Other than that, you can make one of them the Title (H1) of your article, and the other H2.

Any questions?
Kindly ask.

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