How to get 10,000 Daily Blog Traffic from Tier one Countries

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Are you looking for ways of gettingย Daily Blog Traffic from Tier one Countries like USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Germany, France, Japan, etc?

In this article, I am going to show you How to get 10,000 Daily Blog Traffic from Tier one Countries.

Below is the list of things you need to do if you really wanna get traffic from Tier one countries to your blog…

1. Your Homepage Appearance
Do you know that your homepage appearance can greatly affect your traffic?
These are tier 1 countries and their likes are different from ours in your locality
THE web design we like might not be pleasing to them. That’s it.
2. Blog Content:
If you are targeting these countries, then you must not write your local content for them.
Watch the kind of English you use, we have two types of English. Write that of your targeted country
Also, give rich and detailed content with recommendations
3. Know your target Country
Study them very well so that you will know their likes
4. Take your SEO serious
Both on-page and off-page SEO
No much details on this, you should know it before going into Blogging
5. Work on your Keywords (KEYWORD ANALYSIS)
This involves analyzing keywords to discover the relevant keywords and phrases, which generate the most traffic for oneโ€™s product or service. Since you want your website to be associated with certain keywords, which are most likely to be used by potential customers, you need to focus on analysis and how keywords can help you optimize the website.
6. Use attractive title tags
A title tag (also called title element, technically) is one of the most important things you give to a search engine spider and its algorithm. It should ideally be a brief and precise description of what your website is all about and the content that a user can hope to find
7. You can buy SPONSORED RESULTS from companies like Adsterra
This has to do with buying advertisements or buying places on search engine pages to get higher views in the sponsored results section and typically involving Pay-Per-Click (PPC) solutions offered by search engines.
8. You can use no-follow links on some sites from your locality
Trust me it will help you a lot to get to your target. But it’s not as advisable to me, it looks like greed to sites with High DA.
But it does big magic in getting these tier one countries.
Nofollow links started out as a method for avoiding automatically generated spam, blog entries, and other forms of link injection, but over time it has become a tool for letting search engines know not to transfer any link value and disregard certain pages. When you put the nofollow tag on a link it will be read differently by search engines and treated differently than the other pages, which are followed links.
Having a little or even a good amount of nofollow links to your website is not necessarily a bad thing, as many popular or highly ranked websites will generally have a larger number of inbound nofollow links than their less popular and lower-ranked colleagues. It is all part of having a large portfolio of links, that make up your website.
9. Backlinking
You gat to get a backlink from top tier 1 country sites.
And guess, what there’s a trick for that
10. Always mention some of their governmental organizations when posting
NOTE: All these tier 1 countries don’t joke with their governments.
Once you post and give some backup with something related to their government, do it in most of your posts
They will always love to visit your site since they now trust it to be giving a government-backed up fact.
(A hidden secret revealed)
11. Make use of a language translator on your site
This can help you get to countries like China and so on
This is a money-making tip for high CPC update
12. Update your SEO Always

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