Yoast SEO Plugin VS Rank Math SEO Plugin: Which is Better for WordPress Blog Search Engine Optimization?

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Do you want to know the better SEO plugin between Yoast SEO Plugin and Rank Math SEO Plugin?

I will tell you my personal opinion on why I think Rank Math SEO Plugin gives better results than Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress Blog Search Engine Optimization.

Yoast SEO Plugin VS RankMath Pro SEO Plugin Review

We upgraded to RankMath Pro and We notice a huge impact on our SEO work and monitoring.
We can now see potential keywords our post can rank for more and make it as focus keywords.

With RankMath Pro, more SEO, less hard work.

You can also use it on elementor page which is very sweet for website designers.

More Content AI credit when you upgrade.

Content AI helps you analyze a keyword and tell you what the best top-ranking post for that keyword is doing and how to out-rank them.

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I think RankMath is in for Business here in the Game of SEO.

Do you know that you can start a group buy or an SEO Agency with RankMath Business or RankMath Agency?

I will update you more on the goodness of using RankMath.

Most of my friends on Facebook using Yoast that inbox me telling me that their sitemap is not being summited or updated to search console and their site not performing well Google Search.

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After making a switch to Rank Math and I help them set it up in less than a week.

All their SEO work started getting more results.

With this, I would say that Rank Math Free version is far better than Yoast Free and Premium Features Combine.

Imagine when you upgrade to Rank Math Paid version from the right source.

If you are using Rank Math and seems not working for you, it shows that there is something you are not setting up well.

Rank Math SEO Plugin is not the general plugin you just install and customize and start using like Yoast or any other plugin.

After Installing Rank Math (Free or Paid), launching the customize wizard.
It doesn’t stop there, You have to go to the plugin setting and turn on the amazing feature Rank Math offers you for free.

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URL Redirection.
Instant Indexing.
Image SEO.
Local SEO.
AMP Pages.
And many more.

When you even Upgrade to Rank Math Paid Version, either Pro, Business, or Agency, you would get more addons and premium support from Rank Math.

Extra Benefits
Exclusive Facebook Club
Fastest SEO Plugin
SEO & Schema on Automation
Advanced Technical SEO
One-Click Automatic Updates
Enterprise-Level Featuresโ€‹
Affordable For Everyone
Detailed Video Tutorials
Dedicated Premium Support

In Conclusion

Make the Switch, Do the Upgrade and see America Wonders on your SEO.

It acts like magic.

In my humble opinion, Rank Math is giving me better SEO results than what Yoast SEO plugin gave me. I think Yoast SEO plugin developers should make more efforts to add more SEO-friendly features and engage their users.

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