How To Monetize your Blog With Buy Me A Coffee

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You can monetize your Blog with Buy Me A Coffee and get paid in dollars.

This Blogging Monetization Advice is for all bloggers looking for alternatives to AdSense and other ad platforms.

Aside from ads (example: Adsense) and affiliate means of monetization, another way to make cool money from your blog is through “gratitude donation”.

And you can achieve that from the “Buy Me A Coffee” platform.

Buy Me A Coffee is a website where people can support independent content creators by making small donations.

Buy Me A Coffee
Buy Me A Coffee

“Buy Me A Coffee” is a nice way to say “anything for your boy?”

All you have to do is sign up, and copy your “Buy Me A Coffee link” to anywhere visible to your audience on your blog.

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Note: Don’t be spammy, insert it at the end of your content. In a button format.

And if your content is indeed helpful to your audience, they could tip you off any amount of their choice as a reward for providing a solution/answer to their must burning questions through your content. That’s a way to say “thanks to you” for your wonderful content.

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You can withdraw your earnings through PayPal or into your local domiciliary account. Minimum threshold for payment is $20.

This monetization means will be most suitable if your target Tier 1 countries like USA Canada Australia or UK.

Note: Buy Me A Coffee takes a 5% commission off any donation made to you.

Sign up with BuyMeACoffee.Com to get started.

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