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Why Nigerians in the Diaspora buy Lands, Houses and Real Estate Properties in Nigeria

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Nigerians living in Nigeria do buy lands, Houses, and Real Estate Properties in Nigeria.

But you see Nigerians in the diaspora, they don’t just buy lands but they buy an entire estate.

I know one very close to me who has over 10 properties in Lagos alone.

Reasons Why Nigerians in the Diaspora buy Lands, Houses, and Real Estate Properties in Nigeria

Why do you think these Nigerians in the diaspora buy lands the way they do?

The reasons aren’t farfetched.

  • Some do it because they intend to come back home someday.
  • Some do it out of fear, just in case something comes up and they get deported someday.
  • While some do it because they want their children who are citizens over there to find reasons to always visit Nigeria.

I’ve interacted with quite a good number of them to show you that the reasons I gave weren’t products of mere imagination but a product of real-life experience.

But in all of these, why do these Nigerians in the diaspora find it so easy to buy 5 to 10 plots of land at a go, and do so across many locations?

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The reasons are also simple…

The first reason is their WHY.

WHY do they want to buy a property in Nigeria?

When you have a solid “WHY,” for whatever you want to do, you will go to any length to ensure you do that.

The second reason is that they earn their income in a higher currency.

I run a couple of blogs that earn a decent income in dollars, so I perfectly understand this very well.

What you see as a big money will amount to nothing when converted to US dollars or British pounds.

Let’s say a Nigerian in the diaspora earns a monthly income of $8,000.

If he manages to save $500 every month for real estate investment in his home country, in 6 months, he can conveniently buy 2 plots of land selling at N900k per plot in Lagos.

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Imagine what will happen if he decides to do this in 5 years…

Can you see why it’s easier for Nigerians in the diaspora to buy more real estate properties in Nigeria?

Of course, the constant increase in the value of properties here in Nigeria wouldn’t have been possible without them.

They are one of the key drivers of this economy. Without the hard currencies, they inject into the Nigerian economy, this country wouldn’t have made it this far.

The amount you earn and the currency you are earning your income will to a large extent determine your purchasing power.

This is why I can never get tired of reminding you of the need to start earning in multiple higher currencies.

How do you position yourself to be the one these Nigerians in the diaspora buy properties through?

It’s simply through the power of blogging, Forex trading, freelancing, cryptocurrency trading, e-commerce business, dropshipping, Amazon KDP, etc.

You would want to be the one whose articles will show up on the first page of Google when they try to make random searches about available properties in Lagos, Abuja, Asaba, and Port-Harcourt.

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You would want to be the one who educates them about the latest developments in the Nigerian real estate sector.

You would want to be the one to show them how to verify the authenticity of the land they purchased or would want to purchase without necessarily coming to Nigeria.

You would want to be the one to inform them of the new building laws and opportunities from the government.

If they are learning from you, they will trust you and if they trust you, they will buy anything you recommend.

If you’ve been trying to reach a wider audience in your real estate marketing business with no result to show for it, you’ve been doing it the absolute wrong way.

Beyond buying properties through you, they will also go into land banking with any company you recommend.

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