Can I Blog With My Phone If I Don’t Have a Laptop?

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Yes, you can blog with your phone. Some people prefer using their phone to blog because it’s more portable and convenient than having to haul around a laptop. However, you do need to have an internet connection so that your phone can upload photos and post updates.

Yes, of course, You Don’t Necessarily Need A Laptop To Start Blogging. Your Phone Can Still Do it.

How to Blog Using Your Smart Phone

From my 7 years of experience in blogging, I’ve always preferred blogging with my phone, which has made me always dwell on powerful mobile devices for efficient work productivity.

The thing is, you don’t necessarily need to own a laptop for you to venture Into blogging. I started with a mobile phone and believe me, it was and still is conveniently and mobility efficient for me.

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I get it. Some may ask if can a phone do all the technical design in blogging. Here’s the thing. When it comes to designing and setting up your blog, you definitely need a laptop for precise technical efficiency. (Not that the phone can’t do some of the technical setups too). But for the sake of preciseness and efficiency laptop seems to be the best.

Features a Mobile Phone Should Have InOrder to Be Used for Blogging

But when it comes to publishing content, c’mon, your phone can do that. Just ensure it has powerful features such as:

✅A strong processor.
✅ At Least 4-6 GB Ram.
✅ At Least 128GB of Storage.
✅A High Refresh Rate Display.
✅At Least 4000mAh Battery With Fast Charging.

With all the aforementioned features, you’re good to go.

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Advantages of Blogging With Your Smart Phone

Blogging with your phone puts you in a class of many advantages. Suchlike:

✅ Mobility Advantage (you can blog while on transit). Especially when quick ideas come to your mind.

✅ Less Power Saving (You don’t need to worry about power consumption that comes with owning a laptop).

✅Less data consumption.

These are some mobile apps to make mobile blogging easier. Suchlike:

✅ Google doc: You can use it as your notepad, for writing articles, plus checking for grammatical blunders and spelling errors.

✅Canva: To design your images with ease to your suitability.


5 Mobile Apps To Start And Run A Blog Entirely From Your Phone

Note, I didn’t say owning a laptop isn’t great for blogging, of course, it is. It has its own convenience too. All I’m saying is you mustn’t necessarily wait till you own a laptop before venturing into blogging, if you own a powerful device, you’re good to Go!!.

Put your phone into blogging-use, till you get a laptop.


Can you blog from your phone without a laptop?

Yes, you can blog from your phone without a laptop. Simply install the Blogger app on your phone, log in with your Google account, choose which blog you’d like to use and follow the simple steps online to start using it.

I want to start a blog but I don’t have a laptop. Will I be frowned upon if I use my phone for this?

The answer is yes and no. Unless your work depends on easy access to your computer, though, there’s no reason to stop using your phone – especially when it lets you focus on the important things in life like texting, taking selfies and WhatsApping with friends. So just stick to using your phone as intended, with very little editing and posting on something like Google Docs or Dropbox so you don’t slow down those who only have laptops.

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