Will Chat GPT replace Google? – ChatGPT vs Google, Bloggers and Content Creators

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There is definitely no way this Open AI’s Chat GPT can compete with Google. Google is not an ordinary Tech company, they have achieved so much that no one can fathom.

We all know AI Tech will keep advancing, but that doesn’t mean Google will be stagnant too. Now that Google has seen a potential competitor, I’m sure they won’t just sit and watch.

Are you aware that Advertising accounts for the majority of Google’s revenue? Yes, that’s correct. Now, do you think one random AI company can just come to ruin their business? No, it is not possible, I repeat it is not possible.

ChatGPT is even on the Google search engine. This particular Google made it popular via their platforms. YouTube, and co.

This AI can’t vanquish Google. The reason Google keeps dominating the internet is because of how consistent, and rigid they are in terms of its policies. Google doesn’t stay in one place, it was easy to manipulate the Google search engine before. That tons of low-quality websites will be ranking. Now, tell me if you can still do it now.

Will ChatGPT replace Google?

ChatGPT is very limited. It doesn’t have information on current issues, unlike Google. Unless the AI tool is reviewed and rebuilt to be like Google, it may never be better than the world’s best search engine.

Again, I still think that Google gives better and more comprehensive search results, and makes proper reference to the sources of its results. The AI tool doesn’t give references to the writers of the information it displays.

People saying Chat GPT will replace Googe clearly have a shallow understanding of this subject.

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Firstly, Google is a search engine, while ChatGPT is an AI chat bot, if anything will replace google, it will be another search engine.

If you’ve been following Google updates, you’ll notice that google on its own is moving ahead to make sure users find information on their SERPS without clicking any links (No click search).

Now for bloggers, whose blog traffic depends on just SEO, it is a dangerous and disastrous move/practice, reason is not on competition, but on Google updates and future SERP changes. But in the nearest future, SEO will still be there and people will still do it for their businesses.

Notwithstanding what will happen in the future, these Instances show an AI Chat Bot can’t replace google in the future:

  • Academic research
  • Full analysis with graphical representations
  • Side-by-side comparison with pictures
  • Navigational search
  • Transactional search ( buying and many others)

If anything will be a competitor to Google or have a chance of replacing google, it will be another search engine, not a chatbot.

Will ChatGPT affect Writers, Copywriters, Bloggers, and Content Creators?

ChatGPT cannot compete with Google because there are certain questions that it can’t answer.

But unfortunately, it can affect bloggers with a 15% decrease in traffic if it becomes widely accepted.

I’ve tried it, but I don’t think it will affect Google that much. At least not now.

If I want answers to a question, I’ll still continue using Google search. I’m pretty sure most people will still prefer Google. I have Google assistant but I don’t even use it. I do my search directly.

I think it’ll affect the writing industry more. Writers might get paid less with time if business owners can generate content on their own.

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In the nearest future, ChatGPT will be used mainly by content creators, researchers, contractors, and others, to up and perfect their works. So I Don’t see it affecting bloggers’ earnings that much. Especially those in the entertainment niche, sports niche, business niche, how-to niche, and any other niche that involves daily/weekly updates.

The OpenAI’s ChatGPT seems to be built on history, things that have been placed already on the internet by bloggers and content creators, so if you’re into a niche on updates and co, this ChatGPT will not affect you in the near future.

Take a look at this email copy generated by ChatGPT below;

Dear Mr. Musk,
I am writing to express my interest in working for Twitter as an SEO expert. With years of experience in the field, I am confident in my ability to help improve the visibility and reach of Twitter’s content on search engines.
I have a strong track record of success in SEO, with experience in both on-page and off-page optimization techniques. I am familiar with the latest trends and algorithms used by search engines, and I know how to create effective and engaging content that is optimized for search.
I am passionate about helping businesses succeed online, and I believe that my skills and experience make me a valuable asset to Twitter. I would be thrilled to have the opportunity to work with your team and contribute to the success of the company.
Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to discussing my qualifications and experience in more detail.
Best regards,
Alpha Web
That was generated with ChatGPT. I do tell my friends that this tool won’t replace any search engine, but it is very powerful to handle the unimaginable.
Learn how to use ChatGPT to your advantage.
Copywriters need to watch their backs now. The ChatGPT AI can create AIDA and storylines for ads. See Below;

See the Reasons Why Chat GPT Might replace Google


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✅I was carrying out a test on the ChatGPT AI and was shocked. The assignment I was given in a maths lecture today just got solved like the heck?
You know google doesn’t have such ai that can solve a direct mathematical problem. It can only show related results. But this ai gave me what I wanted.

I had to try several other examples and as a student of mathematics, I can recommend it to anyone who has a difficult assignment that needs to be solved.

ChatGPT solves Maths questions

✅The Chat GPT AI gives a straight unique answer to your query. Imagine you have to scroll to find a certain web page for your answer! But this ai will do just that. You don’t have to stress your head.

Check this answer and this answer;
Which one is better? Which would you pick instantly?
ChatGPT Vs Google

✅The beta testing shows it’ll be better than this. If it can do this in a beta stage, then there is a high percentage it’ll do note than today.

However, there were issues with it too.

I tried asking for live score results and Chat GPT said it doesn’t have such information for now.

This is why I said that ChatGPT can’t overcome Google and its users.
ChatGPT does collect or access information from Google and other search engines to give you an answer.
And it can’t stop blogging, but I think it will only affect those that are into the tech niche because this chatGPT can give you anything related to tech, but it can’t give you daily news and online stuff in your local area.
You can ask ChatGPT who Putin or Celine Dion is, and they might end up telling you that they don’t have information about that.
Below is an example of why I believe Chat GPT cannot replace Google…

To wrap this up, ChatGPT is just like a trend that might later die down depending on how the parent company Open AI market and develop the Chat GPT. Google is not a thousands of dollars company but billions of dollars.

ChatGPT is just an AI with limited functionality. Can’t send Google packing. Never!

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