Landlord Blogging: Another Cool Way to Earn $1500+ From Your Blog

What is Landlord Blogging?
Landlord Blogging as a Cool Way to Earn ($1500+) N1Million+ From Your Blog
So you’ve not heard about Landlord blogging before, right?
No problem!
I’m going to discuss it briefly with you in this post, and show you the strategy behind it.
If you want to make money from your blog, then you need to know the various earning strategy that is out there, and then choose the one that’s most convenient for you.
And for those eager to make N1Million+ then Landlord blogging is a veritable strategy to use in achieving that goal.
So let’s begin…
Put simply, Landlord blogging is the act of renting out the posts on your site to businesses, just like real estate landlords rent out their houses to individuals and businesses as well.
How it works is simple…
You write a post around a keyword that has a high transactional intent.
Then you get that post to rank high in Google.
When it does, you then rent out the post and the traffic it gets to businesses that are interested in that keyword and traffic for a monthly fee.
For example, let’s say there are 4 businesses running ads on Google Search Engine for the word “LG TV”.
Make quick research and know how much each business is paying, or willing to pay for Google to show their adverts whenever people search for LG TV on the internet.
Next, you write a transactional post about LG TV and get that post to rank high in Google.
Then you go back to those businesses running adverts for those keywords and rent out your post to them and the traffic the post gets from Google.
The rent could be structured in many ways…
It could be structured daily. It could be weekly. It could be monthly or even yearly (although yearly rent is a rare phenomenon).
For me, I prefer monthly rent with this strategy.
So for example, you could rent out the post and the traffic to businesses that are interested in that keyword for $500 per month.
When you convert that to Naira, that’s 200K in today’s exchange rate.
But it doesn’t stop there…
You can repeat the same process for other posts and keywords on your site.
On average, if you rent out the top 10 posts on your site at the rate of $500 each per month, that would amount to a monthly income of $5,000.
Which at the current exchange rate, is over N2 Million Naira.
And if you could rent up to 50 posts on your site at the rate of $500 per month, that would be $25,000 in monthly income.
Which at the current exchange rate, amounts to over N13 Million in monthly income.
And if your posts is ranking well in Google and getting tons of traffic, businesses will readily pay to access that traffic, especially when it is cheaper than what they’d have paid other advertising platforms.
And guess what…?
If there’s Adsense on any of those rented posts, the Adsense earnings is still yours, thereby serving as a passive and extra source of income.
Wouldn’t that be a lovely thing to experience?

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