Content Marketing: How to Write Quality Contents that Will Bring Traffic To Your Blog

How to Craft Quality Contents that Deliver Traffic

“Content is the king of the internet.”

I bet one of the tough challenges that bloggers face right from time is that of contents – I mean quality contents.

Blogging isn’t noise. And you should blog about things that have meaning. Issues at the heart of a trend, an industry, emerging events, world politics, people and personality and so many more. Do you then think there is a way you can do all these without having some fundamental knowledge of writing? I think not.

So, the real question becomes “how do I create quality contents?”

Well, maybe not just contents. I’m talking about the kind of content you’re thinking about. Yeah, contents that will increase your visibility and deliver you traffic. That’s one of a blogger’s wildest dreams.

Let’s get right into the heart of the matter.

But, before that, I’m going to say this very important thing.

Except you want to preset your blogging journey for failure and frustration, it is wise to not just know about writing, but to know it and do it heartily. At least when you’re starting out, you can’t always hire someone to write for you.
Even if you do, there will be a missing link somewhere. The infusion of your personality into your blog will be absent and as such, there are things that just wouldn’t be enough.
Think of blogging as a meaningful job that forces you to become a better version of yourself-it forces you to become a better writer in this case.

Let’s dive right into it…

Writing is a craft, not a mystery. You can learn to be good at it.

As a blogger, these are what you need to create good contents.

1. Don’t write about your passion: Though unpopular, this point is the truest thing that gurus won’t tell you. The road to successful blogging is to create contents that the audience is looking for, not what you like or what you’re passionate about. You don’t get rewarded for writing about what like, but about what internet consumers like. Get that straight.

2. Always use humble and simple words: The game of the internet is not grammar. You should always try to express your ideas simply and humbly. Ambiguity makes people lose interest.
E.g Instead of “Many a digital marketer postulates that they would rather white hat to black hat SEOs”
Say “Most digital marketers believe white hat SEO is better than black hat SEO”

Simple, humble, and straight.

3. Learn to capture your reader’s attention in at most 3 seconds: This isn’t the first time you’d heard that the attention span on the internet is short. However, people will read your blog if you catch their attention using the “hook method”.
What is the “hook method”? This is basically about frontloading your content to keep the most important information at the beginning of sentences.
E.g Instead of “There is a new amazing discovery about COVID-19 vaccine in Stanford University”

Say “Amazing COVID-19 vaccine discovery: Scientists at Stanford University”

Many bloggers use this method as click baits. Avoid the temptation.

4. Once hooked, make sure to deliver them the promise you made. When you catch a reader’s attention, you are telling them that the news piece or article is worth spending some time on. And I think it’s going to be disappointing if you fail to deliver.
This is one of the factors that contribute to a high bounce rate on your website. You promise and fail to deliver.

5. Learn to be controversial: One surest thing that wouldn’t make you go unnoticed in the blogosphere is being controversial.
The likes of Tunde Ednut, Kemi Olunloyo, and other controversial bloggers know the gimmicks of this.
I’ll talk more about this later.

I’ll keep it short and end it here.

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