Easiest Way To Apply For Google AdSense and Get Approved Within Few Days

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How To Apply For Google Adsense and Get Approved Easily

Over the years, Google Adsense has been what most bloggers monetize their blogs with, except affiliate marketing. When it comes to Blog monetization, it’s no news Adsense is one of the platforms bloggers utilize to earn hundreds or thousands of dollars a month.

But getting Google to approve our Application has been a problem for most people. This is because we fail to follow some simple steps.

I may not be 100% certain, but I’ve had 90% success in applications of Adsense.

This guide is for both blogspot and WordPress users.

1. Don’t copy pictures online.

2. Edit and rename your pictures adding your site url in it.

3. For your content, DON’T USE (HOW TO, WAYS TO, TREATMENT OF etc) if you can’t write content, get like 5 already made sites, look for one similar topic, copy the contents :1 paragraph per site. Then develop it and post it in your own blog.

4. For niche, Education, Tech and Health is easily approved.

5. Choose a template that shows picture, upto 300 words and “Read more” for a post.

6. If you have a contact form in your blog, make sure you add pages like ” ABOUT US, PRIVACY POLICY”

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7. Try your best to use Social media advert to send traffic to your blog periodically before applying.

More Tips on How To Get Your Blog Approved by Adsense

? The best thing to do in your first 3 months of blogging is to strategize on how to get your business off the ground by diverting all your energy into value-filled content, SEO strategy, link building, Guest blogging, content marketing, networking with other pro bloggers, read books, watch videos and brainstorms.

? You have to prioritize traffic-generating strategy over income-generating strategy in your first 3 months. All the business laws are also applied to blogging because blogging is a feasible business model.

Therefore, the higher the content value, the higher the traffic; the higher the traffic, the higher the income generated. ?

? Unlike several years back, blogging is no more taking a year to earn good money if you employ the right methodology to operate your blog. People earn “life-changing” money within five months of blogging.

? Don’t be in a haste to apply for Adsense. First, build the influence; build a massive dam of traffic; Strategize; re-strategize; brainstorm; learn and re-learn; set goals; Set up an editorial calendar and meet up with them.

? Hold this in your left hand, Adsense is like a girl, you give her “too much attention”, she ghosts you, you divert the attention to something productive, then she comes closer.

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Google AdSense will never reject your proposal unless you did not comply with the content policy.


Google AdSense will never show ads on a blog with no valuable content: content that brings no value to the users.

Google AdSense will never serve ads on sites with Navigation problems; that’s your pages and the position of your menu.

Google AdSense will never approve sites with Under construction pages e.g Broken links should be removed from your site etc.

Truly, Adsense can approve your blog within your first two weeks if you follow all their guidelines.



In this line of study at this moment, we’re going to be looking out for, what to do if you want Adsense to approve your blog sharp for the very first time you’ll apply for it without rejecting it.
Adsense had been so hard for some set of people signing up with them.
And Adsense keeps rejecting them, they do it over and over again and Adsense keeps on rejecting over and over too.
It’s not Adsense fault, it’s their fault.
I’ll tell you why Google Adsense is a principal company, you’ve got to do the right thing
Such as :
1. A simple theme
2. Privacy Policy
3. Make sure that your domain and the hosting plan has stayed for a couple of months old
4. Terms and Conditions
5. You cannot apply for it if you are not 18-year-old and above
6. Your category should be well defined and arranged
7. Contacts/Address/Time zone
8. Have rich content on your blog
9. Avoid copy and paste
10. Visitors like 200 per day and above should be visiting your blog
12. Only have one niche for yourself
13. About us
14. Google site map of where you are staying blogging

How to solve Low Value Content while applying for AdSense Account.

To solve the issue of low content value while applying for an AdSense account, you can try the following steps:
Make sure that your website has high-quality and original content that is useful and informative for your readers. Plagiarized or thin content will not be approved by AdSense.

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Use proper formatting and include images, videos, and other multimedia elements to make your content more engaging and visually appealing.

Use relevant keywords in your content to make it more search engine friendly and easier for your audience to find.

Check your website’s loading speed and make sure it is fast enough. A slow loading website can affect your AdSense approval and also the user experience.

Make sure that your website follows the AdSense policies and guidelines. This includes ensuring that you have a clear privacy policy and that your website does not promote illegal or inappropriate activities.

Regularly update your website with fresh and relevant content to keep your audience engaged and to show Google that your website is active and well-maintained.

Consider implementing other monetization methods, such as affiliate marketing or sponsored content, to supplement your revenue while you work on improving your website’s content value.

It may take some time and effort to improve the content value of your website, but by following these steps and being persistent, you can increase your chances of getting approved for an AdSense account.


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