How To Verify Your AdSense Account Without a Pin


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Getting Adsense Address Verification PIN in Nigeria is a herculean task.

Sometimes, it has been sent but those at the point of delivery (when it gets to Nigeria) failed to dispatch and deliver it to the owner (especially if you didn’t insert your number when filling your address on your Adsense dashboard)

And you know you need to verify your account before 4 months. The inability to verify after 4 months means you won’t be able to show ads until your account is verified.

So the best method to get a verification PIN is through your email address.

PIN problem. Not arrived. - Google AdSense Community

You have to request it 3 times before it can be sent to your email.

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After requesting 3 times (you can request once in 3 weeks)

The moment you requested 3 times, kindly follow these steps below ?


1. You have to click on learn more on your dashboard

2. Then you’ll follow the PIN troubleshooter

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Does PIN Troubleshooter work at all? - Google AdSense Community

PIN Troubleshooter - not showing up the identity card submission form -  Google AdSense Community

3. Follow the troubleshooting procedure, answer the questions correctly.

How To Verify AdSense Address Without PIN in 2020 Quarantine

4. Fill in your details and upload your ID or proof of address and submit.

5. Your Adsense account will be verified withing 5 minutes of submitting this form.

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