Adsense Arbitrage: What You Need To Know

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Are you searching for ways to start Adsense Arbitrage? Do you want to make money on your blog with Adsense Arbitrage?

What is Ads Arbitrage?

For those who are not familiar with the term “Ads Arbitrage“, it is simply a situation where one pays a lesser amount for adverts, with the intention of making much more from adverts.
That is… the blogger gets traffic to his or her site by paying some money to run adverts, and when that traffic shows up, he or she hopes to make a bigger amount than what he or she paid for traffic from the Adsense adverts that Google displays on the site.

What is Arbitrage?

Arbitrage is the simultaneous purchase and sale of the same asset in different markets in order to profit from a difference in its price. Arbitrage is the concept of buying something low and selling it high to someone. Those doing Amazon, dropshipping, and even crypto are familiar with this.

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Example: A blog having Adsense approved on it will run ads on Facebook to get more traffic, the traffic generated from Facebook will help him earn more than the amount he paid to Facebook ads. The Return on Investment can be 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, or even 10x.

It’s no news that some people are making 10$ daily some are making $50 some 100$ from Adsense arbitrage.
Everyone got their method but today I’d share This sauce called “AdSense Arbitrage “

What’s AdSense Arbitrage?

AdSense Arbitrage is getting traffic from different sources and selling it to Adsense ie when your traffic source gets you users, those users see ads they like and they click it then, in turn, you get some earnings.

Seo backlink is one method of Arbitrage especially if it’s from a site that has good traffic and the users from that site click on the link that refers you there.

Most music bloggers do get paid by some people say 50-100k a month just to put their link in a download now button those people running such are doing Arbitrage.

There are other sources of Arbitrage like Mgid, Taboola, and other Ad companies. Even One can use Google Ad word (now Google Ads) for Arbitrage.

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So, I was mentoring one of my clients for the past week. He wasn’t a newbie when it comes to blogging but didn’t know much about arbitrage.
Though, I have lots of clients who are newbies but make at least $30 per day from their ad campaigns.

But unfortunately, I realized this the other clients I thought didn’t make much from his ad campaign.

Yes…I understand and I know this is a business (lose or gain). Though he invested only $5 at the moment since I said so.

Later when the campaign was launched, I realized some things on his blog that made me realize why he wasn’t able to make much profit from his ad campaign.

Here are some of the reasons why you are not making enough profit from Adsense Arbitrage

1. Your Blog Content Length:

The length of your blog content is very important when doing Adsense arbitrage for your blog. I know this is a quick online scheme but the length of your content is very important. This will help reduce bounce rate and help your ctr.

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2. Lack of quality internal linking:

We might think this is not important but it is. On page SEO is very important in all sectors. Don’t just insert ur links anyhow though, they must relate to each other.

-Just to add to this ensure your outbound links are not broken

3. Your Blog Hosting:

The first day that he run the campaign, His website went down. I don’t blame him for that but his hosting wasn’t good. he then needs to pause the campaign for the host to be back online. Good web hosting is needed for your blog to be 100% active for your intended visitors.

4. Quick results:

Some of us want quick results too much. The fact that you are doing arbitrage within that day, does not mean you will become a millionaire within that time. No, Don’t do that. I realized that he has removed his Adsense code so no ads were showing after the campaign. The truth is that some readers come back after visiting your blog within some days.

In my experience, I do save people’s URLs and then, read them later when free. Must take note of that.

These are a few reasons why you are not making enough profit from your Adsense arbitrage.

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