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ChatGPT vs Google: This is Why OpenAI’s Chat GPT might replace Google

Useful Reasons Why ChatGPT will replace Google in the Future

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The technology behind ChatGPT is incredible, and I believe it will only get better with time.
Who would have thought that it was possible to create content on the fly with just a few answers?

I just laugh when people say that this AI ChatGPT can’t replace Google and humans. We are no more in the 15th century, everything is advancing, and technologies are being rolled out every day to improve our world.

ChatGPT is one of the AI technology that will replace humans and Google itself. The chatbot has the capacity of providing logic solutions, provide top-notch answers within seconds, generate codes for programmers, translate to any language, and even generate AI pictures for you.

The more the developers of this AI keep rolling out updates that will make Google see them as a threat, the more human space will be replaced. For me, I prefer this Chat GPT AI to Google, why? Because of the fast response and its improved version than the Google search results.

Likewise, people will prefer this Chat GPT AI to Google when the time comes, the more they see this AI as a problem solver, the more the roles of humans will be replaced, and the more Google see them as a threat and find means to compete

Google might be humbled by this magnificent technology feat by the Open AI team.

The Technology Behind ChatGPT AI That Makes it Better Than Google Search

The natural language processing (NLP) analogy behind ChatGPT AI is really insane, like the accuracy of descriptions it provides for search queries makes it compared to none. Of no doubt, once this program fully understands the HEART (happiness, engagement, ad recall, retention) and PULSE (performance, user experience, look and feel, speed, engagement) psychology of search intent. Without no acclaim doubt, it’ll overpower search engine result pages. I see why Google is striving too hard to improve its search algorithm. Well, for now, it’ll be a smart concept for content creators to use these tools wisely and gather content briefs for their blogs.

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ChatGPT will actually succeed. It’s the future of search. It’s what Quora, Reddit, Answer e.t.c wish to be.
There are many opinions all over the internet that ChatGPT will give Google a run for their money. Some users disagree. Here’s why I agree with them;

Google is wide and they solve a lot of search problems. But ChatGPT is a specific niche. What do I mean? I don’t mean ChatGPT cannot give you answer to various problems (although they have their limitations- even Google too has limitations maybe not as much but you get the point).

On Google, the answer you are looking for is on various links on a different page (although I currently heard a rumor that Google is working on eliminating pages; you just endlessly scroll through the first page like REELS- probably ChatGPT is their cause, I don’t know).

What made Google strong is about to be its weakness. I’m not saying Google will go extinct, far from it, Google has proven its ability to innovate and adapt over the years. Google is so BIG and has the resources to adapt to changes so it will definitely be fine. I mean they create lots of Apps that they discontinue themselves.

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There was a time when different options to an answer you were looking for is a very good thing, so over the years, we have had a lot of answers but people are weary of deciding for themselves (most humans are lazy). There’s a lot of information on the internet it’s becoming a problem.

Another reason ChatGPT will succeed is it’s not bombarding you with a lot of information for you to decide on or click through a link to get your desired answer. ChatGPT gives you the answer particular to your question directly. It’s responsive and you could say interactive.

Of course, ChatGPT still has a long way to go, but it has been impressive so far and there’s always room for improvement.

Can ChatGPT replace Google?

Based on my research, ChatGPT can easily kill Google and other search engines without stress because it’s more user-friendly.

You don’t need to search for anything and start opening different links (full of annoying ads) to get what you want. The AI is straightforward in giving answers which I believe almost everyone will prefer over search engines.

To me, ChatGPT is just in its testing mode. When they start updating it with other features it’s lacking, you will understand better. Remember Google did not become who they are overnight but through frequent updates.

One thing you should know is that chatGPT will soon have its search engine and the app will be on every phone and computer just like Google.

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Yes, everybody will love it because it aims to make life easier in accessing information. Forget all the questions running through your mind concerning the inability of the AI to provide accurate answers to some questions, with little updates everything will be clear! Even now it’s the dwelling home of almost every blogger for generating content. Imagine my friend is already on his 50th article now using the ChatGPT AI.

The inventors of this tool are not fools and they mean business. If Google brings an update to kill it they will also bring an update to overcome the obstacle.

The truth is Google can not deploy chatGPT without destroying the most valuable part of their business!

Now the question is, what is the future of blogging?

ChatGPT vs Google Comparison

ChatGPT is addicting. OMG! I’ll delete and block that website. Because I can’t stand the fact that it is outrightly trying to displace Google.

The way ChatGPT answers any question straight to the point is a killer. Try asking any pressing question at all and ChatGPT will give you a quick and direct answer.

Trust me, if more eyes get to see this stuff Google will lose a lot of traffic.

Now I understand why people keep saying ChatGPT will replace Google.

Seriously, this isn’t just an AI writing tool as you guys call it, ChatGPT is really wonderful.

If you haven’t tried it out, you won’t know all these.

Check the picture below for an answer I got from ChatGPT vs the answer I got from Google.

Check this answer and this answer;
Which one is better? Which would you pick instantly?
ChatGPT Vs Google

You Can Use ChatGPT to Create Smart Contracts on Different Blockchain Networks

ChatGPT can even create Smart Contracts for cryptocurrency tokens on Etherium and Binance blockchains.

This is what you can do with chatGPT if you know how to use it well. And the funny thing is that, am very confident this smart contract is secured, Though needs just a little modification.
And another one multisig wallet with custom owners and custom signers.
Another contract is the simple token sale contract.
Learn how to use ChatGPT and you will love it.


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