What Are Profile Backlinks and How to Index your Backlinks

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To rank on Google, Backlinks and PAGE AUTHORITY plays an important role, and when you build links to increase your Domain Authority, your page Authority also increases.

What Are Profile Backlinks?

In a nutshell, profile backlinks are just like they are called – backlinks you get from adding your website to a website that allows you to create a profile.

Many people think this kind of backlink is dead and Google doesn’t index them. YES, you may be right, but trust me, they still work, and my website is proof of that.

However, you need to INDEX YOUR BACKLINKS after you create them. You’ll find a tutorial on how to do that in the group.

Profile backlink is an effective method to build links to your website. This method is also the best, especially for ENTERTAINMENT/MUSIC Bloggers. Because you need little to no content to place your links.

High DA Website that offers users to create a profile and add their website on the profile page are rare to find, but you will get them from this group. And once you do, you know what to do.

PS: Once you create a profile backlink, ensure you copy the URL of that page for indexing

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How to Index your Backlinks

Let’s face it, it’s hard to get backlinks from authority websites (either through guest posts or link placement).

This is why we use web 2.0s, profile backlinks, web directories, and others.

Not all your backlinks will be indexed, and this is why you need to document your backlink URL for self-indexing.

There are couples of ways to INDEX YOUR BACKLINKS FASTER, one of them is Blogger sites.

You are going to start by creating a FREE BLOG on Blogger, and if you have an existing one, you can use it.

Now, you need to create a page for your backlinks (I usually name the title of my backlink index page LINK or LINKSHARE)

Then, proceed to ADD ALL YOUR BACKLINK URL to the page, and publish it (make sure the URL is clickable, as a link)

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Now, you need to create a search console account for your free blog, so you can add that LINK PAGE to SEARCH CONSOLE for indexing.

Once that page is indexed, your backlinks are also indexed.

This method can be used to index all kinds of backlinks including GOOGLE REDIRECT BACKLINKS.

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This Post is Regarding Link Indexing Which is Working for me.

From Almost more than 18 Months, I’m using this Method

Step 1) Write A Post on Google News Approved Sites

Step 2) Fetch The Links Inside Post (Either naked URLs or with Keyword Anchor)

Step 3) Copy the Post URL of your Google News Approved Site on Google Search Console. Fetch the Post URL multiple times on Search Console

I Follow these 3 Steps only

My Links get Indexed 70%-80%

Why do we build links?

To be honest, there are 2 main reasons we build links (out of other reasons)
1. To build trust
2. To boost your articles to page 1 on Google.

In other words, links are built to support competitive keywords to climb up to page 1.

To rank on Google, PAGE AUTHORITY plays an important role, and when you build links to increase your Domain Authority, your page Authority also increases.

Too hard to understand? Let me break it down.

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•If you have 50 articles on your 0-DA site, the chance of getting them to rank is slim BECAUSE the page authority will likely be 1.

And even if they rank, as time goes on, you will probably lose the competition when more blogs get to know about the keyword.

•Now, to keep my articles I need to build links to them one after the other (I mean I need to build links to all 50pages)

•To avoid the stress, you can alternatively build links to your ROOT DOMAIN which automatically increase the page authority of ALL your single-page articles

My website for instance has 50DA, by default, all my posts will have a minimum of 25-page authority. So even if I create a post today, it will rank without backlinks.

Backlinks are BEST when it is created for MONEY KEYWORDS (affiliate product review)

In fact, you should only build links to articles that contain affiliate links. Quality Backlinks.

By Quality Backlinks, I mean through guest posts with good anchor text.




The more website that links to you, the more the trust signal is sent to Google and the more your article will rank.

Next, I’ll talk about anchor text. Why it plays an important role in link building and how to use it in your guest post…

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