541,765,818 Domains Expired – What it Means for Every Blogger

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I was researching the domain name to register this morning; I found out that there are 541, 765,818 domains that are expired so far from expired domain dot net.⁣

I began to wonder why this massive number of domains must be allowed to expire. In other words, why will these numbers of online businesses or blogs be allowed to expire? ⁣

Remember, everyone that starts a business has the mind for continuity and growth.⁣
So, why this high rate of failure, if I may ask? Or how does this concern me as a blogger?⁣

As I was trying to figure out why the failure, I remembered that I had some domains on that list. Yes, I have at least 10 domains that expired after one year.⁣

Why did I allow the domains I worked on for a whole year to expire?⁣

My reason was that the website wasn’t making any money, so I see no reason or have no money to renew it again.⁣

But why should a site I worked on for a whole year not make even a dime or make money to renew the domain and hosting?⁣

I found out that I was doing the wrong thing completely. Or I was blogging the wrong way.⁣

I was doing the last thing first and the first thing last. So, before I knew it, the year had turned around, and there was no zeal to renew because the blog wasn’t making a dime.⁣

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1. If you’re a beginner, take a paid blogging course. If you have the means, pay for the services of a mentor. A person that you are sure blogs for success.⁣

2. Choose a niche. From experience, you can make money in any niche. So, do not bother much about niche research. Just Learn to blog and you can blog about anything

3. Get at least 50 keywords from the niche you settled for⁣

4. Write 50 articles with minimum word counts of 1000 and a maximum of 2000⁣

5. Buy a domain and hosting package and start posting⁣

6. Start backlinking to your internal pages.⁣

7. Start earning⁣

Unfortunately, most new bloggers start with domain and hosting registration, which is step 5. How can you jump 4 steps without nature bringing you back?

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So, start the right way, and you will enjoy the benefit of being a blogger.⁣

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