Why Would Google Disable Your AdSense Account?

How to Prevent your AdSense account from Being Banned

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In this piece, I will be sharing various reasons why Adsense May disable your account, a friend of mine shared the news of his account getting disabled, I gave him a few tips, you might find important.

So why would an Adsense account get disabled?

I have written about this a couple of times in the past and even have videos elaborating on them in my courses, I will try to touch on a few important points and some new findings.

Findings? Yes, new findings, I worked closely with some AdX reviewers on my new website, I learned a lot from that experience and it also helped me get my last Adsense approved easily.

Before we get started,

Adsense: A Google-owned publisher network, where bloggers (publishers) are paid when ads on their website receive clicks from visitors.

ADX: Ad Exchange platforms that partner with google, offering even more optimized ads slots, more support, and Header bidding ads as they can display not just Adsense ads but other ads from top advertising partners.

Major Reasons Why Your Adsense Account Got Disabled

Adsense Disables Accounts because of Two major reasons, However, these reasons may carry sub-reasons under them.

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1. Traffic
2. Website (Content/Ads placement)

I will be sharing the tips below based on my experience thus far and of course research.

1: The Search Exposure of your Blog:

No doubt that Google loves search traffic, it’s one of the most trusted traffic sources for them as people can easily manipulate social and direct traffic by advising people to click ads or using advanced software to manipulate clicks or filter the traffic.

Speaking of filtering, inside the Bloggers tips article, I shared tips on how to make search traffic appear as if they are from google.

Now back to your website search exposure, you need at least 70 posts ranking on SERPs (search engine result pages).

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To know this, simply go to google and search (without quotes and remove spaces) “site:”

This will show only results from your website, once you scroll down, there should be at least 7 pages of these results.

With this, you might be successful using one of the links there while running your social traffic through it.

2: Plagiarism-free content:

Not just about unique content, your content must provide value to the users, most likely what users must search for.

If you fail to do this, you will be banned because of “Thin contents/replicated contents”

So make all articles unique, if possible re-write all, and they must provide value.

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3: The Adsense itself:

A lot of ill-gotten Adsense accounts out there, after losing a couple of Adsense a few months back, I set my standards for Adsense I must use.

Or I groom them for a couple of months before earning high.

Buying Unverified Adsense isn’t the best as they might have been gotten using tactics or the sudden switch of niche confuses the system

While I might not be able to share the exact standards I use to select Adsense, you must be wary of such.

In final words, learn to understand, here is how the algorithm works, just like in the days of Page-level enforcement (I don’t know if you could remember), their system automatically picks up low-quality pages every day and piles them up in your account (aren’t seen by you), depending on the level of the violations a human is made to check.

When a human checks they are first drawn to;

1. How much you are earning daily- Do you deserve it?


2. Your source of traffic,


3. Your website content if it merits that sort of traffic.

If all these aren’t in place, you will be banned.

How to Prevent your Adsense account from Being Banned


It may impact your earnings, making them even lower, but ultimately you shall be free from Google Adsense Bans.

Use Adx Platform alongside Adsense on your blog.

One easy platform to use is

There are other AdX platforms but foremedia is the easiest to get approved as far as your contents are 100% google compliant.

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