Untapped Method of Building Backlinks To Your Website

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This is an Untapped Method to Build Quality Backlinks To Your Website. This method is quite easy and works for most bloggers who utilize it efficiently.

I’m sure by now most website owners must have known what Backlinks are and what they can do for your website.

So I’m gonna skip that part of the lecture, and walk you strengths of creating backlinks to your blog using this “Untapped Method”

First off you will need to go on Google, and search for any topic related to your niche, since I’m in the digital niche I’m gonna search something like “best email marketing software” or “Blogging tips”

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Then open 10 different tabs for the top 10 blogs that rank for that query.

Go through each article on the tabs, and click on their contact page when you are done reading.

Some Websites have a contact form, while some have their emails on the site.

Either way, send them a sample of this email???

” Hi, Techcabal team,

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I just finished reading your “11 Niche Blogging Mistakes” article.

And I must say I really got value from it.

I also shared the post with some of my blogging friends who I thought needed to see it.

Forgive my manners, I’m Victor Fuam a content writer at

We have written a few in-depth articles in the past about Blogging and email marketing.

I noticed there weren’t enough images on the post,

So our design team has put together a really neat infographic to go along with the article.

Let me know if you want to take a look!


Victor Fuam


Twerk the email to your taste before sending it.

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Most of the time you won’t get a reply, but when you do,

Go to Canva and create a nice infographic, send it over to them, and ask them to link to you if they appreciate your work.

And they will surely do it if they use the infographic.

I hope you find value in this post…

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