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Mistakes You’re Making With Content Marketing That Will Hinder You From Selling More And Making More Money Online

Strategic Mistakes You’re Making With Content Marketing That Will Hinder You From Selling More And Making More Money Online
One mistake that cripples the ability of people to sell more or make more money online is the fact that they engage in Content Writing, instead of Content Marketing.
You see, there’s a very big difference between the two.
And in this post, I’m going to share in part what the difference between these two are.
Just last week, I was opportune to go through some piece of what was supposed to be “content marketing”.
But as I was going through these contents, I began to shudder at why business owners would be making these kinds of mistakes when putting together a piece of content.
I call these strategic mistakes because most of these contents lack the core element that would have resulted in more sales for their businesses.
If you want to multiply the volume of your sales, you must avoid these mistakes at all costs.
And the first of these mistakes is what I call the “Information Syndrome” which is exactly what content writers specialize in.
You see, the core job of a Content Writer is to provide information only.
But as a content marketer, your core job IS TO Advance The Sale, and NOT just to provide information.
That is… after reading your content, a potential client should naturally arrive at the conclusion that he or she needs the solution you’re offering.
And the best way to achieve that is through what we call Education Based Content.
The more you educate your readers about the problem they’re having, the causes of that problem, possible solutions to that problem, and the Pros and Cons of each solution, the more you will strategically lead the narrative in the heart and mind of your target audience.
And once that is done, you can conveniently lead them to the conclusion that buying your product or services is the best alternative to solving their problems.
Unfortunately, this is not the case in many contents I’ve consumed recently.
If you want to multiply the sales of your own product or services or that of an affiliate offer you’re promoting, you have to engage in content marketing, as opposed to content writing.
And you have to be strategic about it.

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