Why Many Bloggers Struggle With Traffic – Why You’re Not Getting Traffic to Your Blog

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Why You’re Not Getting Traffic to Your Blog
There are 3 major reasons why your blog is not getting the amount of traffic you want.
1. It’s either you’re writing about stuff people are not interested in, or…
2. You’re not building Enough Backlinks to Your Site, or…
3. You’re not promoting your posts hard enough, especially through Adverts.
So what is the way out?
First of all, Start with extensive keyword research. And then write posts on those keywords.
For example, let’s say you discovered a keyword that has around 500 searches every month and you wrote a post about it.
It means your site now has the potential to get 500 visitors every month.
Now if you have 200 such posts on your site, it means your potential visitors would increase from 500 to 10,000 monthly visitors.
And this hasn’t even taken into consideration that each post may rank for other secondary keywords that would bring another 5,000 extra visitors to your site every month.
Having a potential of 10,000 visitors doesn’t mean it would actually pan out on its own.
To go from the realm of potential to real visitors to your site, you actually have to build backlinks to each of those posts.
A backlink is like a vote. The more “votes” your post has, the more trustworthy your posts become in the eyes of Google…and the higher it ranks.
But then you have to be careful when it comes to building backlinks…
The neighborhood of your backlinks is very important. If your backlinks are from sites in a good neighborhood your sites will be seen as good. If they’re from sites in a bad neighborhood, your site will be seen as bad and spammy.
In the absence of building backlinks, an alternative would be to promote your site via adverts.
If making money via Adsense per click, you have to be skillful and strategic with your ads to ensure you don’t spend money on adverts more than you make per click from Google Adsense.
So there you have it, the 3 major ways to solve your traffic problem.
But… how exactly do you learn how to implement them correctly?
Well, search no more… because I have practical online training where you’ll be taught exactly how to do all these things correctly.

6 Reasons Why your Website is Not Showing up on Google.

  1. Your site speed is too slow.
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2. Your website domain is too new.

3. You are in a very competitive industry.

4. You need to fix your keyword strategy.

5. You are not apply On-page SEO.

6. You have been sleeping on internal linking.


Why Many Bloggers Struggle With Traffic

Dear Blogger,
Traffic is not your problem.
I get surprised whenever I see bloggers complaining about how their blogs are empty like a falcon’s nest and unproductive financially because it “doesn’t have traffic”.
The truth, however, is that traffic should be the least of any blogger’s problems.
I mean take a look around you…
There are dozens of platforms available online that are ready to send you a ton of traffic whenever you’re ready.
I’m talking of sites like Google, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.
All sites I mentioned above are in the business of providing traffic to those who need them.
For example, others view Facebook as a social media company. But bloggers like me see Facebook as a Traffic Media company.
Others see Google as a Search Engine company. Bloggers like me see it as a Traffic Engine company.
The same applies to other platforms mentioned above.
Each and every one of them has their preferred methods “and rules” of sending traffic to your blog and if you want traffic, you have to play by those rules.
For example, if you want traffic from the Google Search engine, all you have to do is write content about what people are searching for, and build backlinks to those contents so Google can rank it at the top of its search results.
The same applies to Facebook…
If you want traffic from Facebook, give people a deal, or write engaging posts that will spark their curiosity.
On the contrary, if you can’t do all this, you can bring out money and pay for traffic.
To conclude once again, there’s no scarcity of traffic. You just have to play by the rules to get traffic to your site or pay to get it.
Failure to abide by these realities will only ensure your blog continues to struggle with poor traffic.

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