How To Get Traffic To Your Blog For Free

Are you looking for How To Get Traffic To Your Blog For Free?

Do you want to get free traffic to your blog?

I know most people will not believe this and it sounds crazy but this is one of the ways I use to drive traffic to my website. It was very great and I had a lot of traffic with that.

How did I do it?
Do you see those websites running adverts, especially Google ads advert?
Just know much about them and write a review.

I was in the finance niche so this helped me a lot (especially, make money online and loans).

Some of these companies were not popular but through the ads dey became popular… Yes!

I quite remember, I saw some advert on how to make money online. Lots of adverts came and I realized one website (millionformula).

I then checked what it was about and made some research on it.

I used keyword research tools to check the search volume but it wasn’t having any data because the company wasn’t popular yet. That was why they were running an advert.

Do you know why I wrote something about them?

Google displayed their advert all over (with that keyword).
When users get interested in that company running ads, users will go back to Google and check the review about it.

If fiver run an advert with keyword (make legit money online with gigs),
Users who see the advert will go back and check the review about it.

This is where u must come in place.

Make your topic (Fiver review: Make money online with your gigs scam or legit)

Write content about it and use Google autocomplete to get more keywords if you don’t know keyword research.

When your post ranks, you will definitely be on the first page of Google within some days because most bloggers won’t write about it (that your opportunity).

What is the advantage of this?

You will get high organic traffic within some days when the post is indexed.

What’s the Disadvantage?

When the advertiser stops the campaign, you might not get traffic as compared to the previous.

Recommended niches for this

– Finance
– Education
– Digital marketing
– Crypto

These niches can help a lot if u wanna use this free method of getting massive traffic to your blog.

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