Best Converting Countries and Locations To Target In Adsense Arbitrage For Maximum ROI

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Do you want to know the Best Converting country Locations To Target In Adsense Arbitrage For Maximum ROI?

A few days ago, I shared with you guys one of the best methods for doing Adsense Arbitrage Blogging and getting maximum results. I am glad that the post was able to serve as a helpful guide for as many people as possible to get started in this very beautiful blogging journey.

However, I noticed so many of the comments and messages I got from that bothered around target locations. Many wanted to know which locations have the best CPC and CTR on Adsense and wouldn’t cost them so much to target.

So today I’m going to be showing you how to get the best results by targeting the right locations. This is important because without targeting the right locations, you’ll waste both your time and money on the wrong ones.

Are you ready? Let’s get started.


Many people make the mistake of focusing more on the locations with high CPC on Adsense Ads instead of the ones that will cost them the lowest to target on Facebook or any other ad network they are using.

The challenge with that is that when they discover the best Google Adsense CPC locations, for instance, the USA, and rush to target it on Facebook, the amount of money Facebook will charge them for the ads spent to reach those locations will drive them insane and discourage them from going further. Ultimately, they’ll quit using Facebook Ads or give up on Adsense Arbitrage Blogging entirely, as if life is easier with SEO.

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So what should you do first?

First, sit down and make a list of the countries that Facebook will charge you very little amounts of money to target.

You will find a list of these countries mostly in Africa, Asia, and Oceania. Don’t ask me to specify them yet, we’ll get to that stage.


This is actually because of your click-through-rate (CTR) on Adsense. If you target any location on Adsense that is not deeply interested in your content or blog niche, your Ads Spent on Facebook will still be much due to low engagements on your ads. Yes, Facebook charges you more when people are not Liking, Sharing, or Commenting on your Ads. But even worse, your Adsense CTR will be extremely low. Because those guys won’t be clicking on your Adsense ads, and as a result of this, your bounce rate will be so high that it will be calling for Ads Limit on your Adsense account.

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Apart from this, you will end up not making anything on your Google Adsense Account and join the bandwagon of those shouting “Adsense Arbitrage no easy o.”

So do it the right way, do it my way.

If you are running a site on Dieting, Care For Seniors, Mortgages, Energy, Science, Automobiles, Insurance, and Richest People Biographies, then by all means target USA, Canada, UK, Australia and Germany. Africans don’t care about reading those stuff online (sadly). Na “Blessing CEO latest nyash”, “Bobrisky real face”, “japa” and “free” money opportunities we wan dey read. Perhaps we’ll all get serious with our lives someday.

Target Asian countries like Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Singapore or African countries like Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, Kenya, and Morocco if you are running a free travel blog, scholarship, making money online, and other free sweet stuff, you’d be shocked to how converting they’ll be after some days of running consistent ads to it.


Just a simple Google search can help you with this. Just type on the search bar “Countries in Africa with high (or good) CPC on Adsense”

Now check your list and tick the ones that align with the high CPC locations you found on Google and target those ones. Remember you are not just interested in countries with high CPC alone but also those with low ad costs on Facebook, and mostly interested in your blog’s niche. So many locations are actually capable of giving you High CPC with consistent traffic and Ad clicks coming from there.

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PERSEVERE! Be Patient and Allow Your Ad Run for Days In Order to Convert on Adsense

When you start running your ads, regardless of the target locations, your CPC and CTR are bound to be low, giving you low earnings at first. You’re not doing something wrong if you checked everything I said here and they tally with what you are doing. Your Adsense account may simply be taking a longer time to pick up. This is why you need to start with a very low ad spend so you don’t spend so much before your ads start converting and then quit out of frustration.

We all experience that at first but we don’t quit until the results we’re expecting start trickling in. Don’t quit too. Start with what you can afford to lose and persevere until your results start getting better. This happens mostly from day 3 to day 7 on average.

If you followed this guide very closely, it won’t take so long, you’ll start smiling to the bank every 21st day of the month is the official Google Adsense payday.

I can’t wait to read your results and share in your joy. I really wish you start cashing out from this as soon as possible. The joy of getting paid in dollars by Google every month is something we should all be looking forward to. I hope it starts happening for you soon.

Kindly share this post and invite your family and friends to Follow Me here on Facebook if you want them to learn about profitable blogging this year. I offer value. Premium value. And this is what I will continue to offer you all.

I love and believe in you.

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