Niche Blogging: How To Choose The Right Niche For Your Blog

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These days, picking the right niche has become one of the major hassles facing newbies when starting a blog.

Yes, it should be, because selecting the wrong niche wouldn’t only waste your time but also cost you extra money and energy compared to the right niches.

Frankly speaking, the wrong niche is like taking the wrong part which wouldn’t lead to a good destination but bankruptcy especially when you invest so much in it.

In this short piece of writing, you’re going to be exposed to some factors to be considered before choosing a niche.

Now see this,

To choose the right niche, six things are to be considered:

(1) Field

(2) Knowledge

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(3) Leverage

(4) Opportunities

(5) Search Volume

(6) Buying Power

Whoever overlooks these six factors while choosing a niche will find it difficult to grow his audience, earn real money and eventually fail.


Ask yourself, where do you belong? In what field are you? Are you into catering, Pharmacy, Sport, importation, education among others?

Make sure you choose a niche according to your field or else hire someone who belongs to the field to oversee the activities of your blog.

With this, you can go a long way and never run out of content in the midway.


Are you an expert in this field of yours that you can impact a valuable knowledge on people?

How experienced are you? Do you understand this niche deeply that you can predict many phenomena surrounding it?

Do you have any experience concerning the niche? Peradventure you’re an experienced female who knows everything about female health, ovulation period, pregnancy, child care and others. Then what are you still waiting for?

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To choose the right niche, ensure that you possessed good knowledge about the niche to provide valuable resources to your readers and make them beg for more.


Blog marketing doesn’t stop online but only a few people know this.

Many people think they’re good to go after writing long good content, following all SEO guidelines, running adverts and so on.

Here me, the connection is very important.

Where do the majority of your connections lie?

Do you know senior lecturers, professional medical doctors, workout trainers, and so on?

Then you need to leverage the connection to favor your blog.

Link up with professional medical doctors if you’re running a health and fitness blog to recommend your blog.

Link up with lecturers if you are running an educational blog. People believe what they hear from famous individuals or professionals.


According to recent statistics, blogs affect customersโ€™ buying decisions as 47% of online buyers go through 3 to 5 blog posts before the buying process.


What are the opportunities you see in this niche apart from writing content?

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Does this niche have any sellable products, affiliate opportunities? Can you coach people based on this niche?

Don’t pick it if you can’t render another service apart from writing content regarding this niche.


Search volume is a metric that shows how many people are searching for a particular query.

If the volume of people searching for your content online is drastically low, then it’s a “no-go area”.

Choosing a niche with a low search volume is like selling products people don’t like.

Use SEO tools to know your niche search volume.


This is one of the significant factors that should not be overlooked when picking a niche.

Buying power is the ability of your readers to buy products you’re recommending for them.

You’re in trouble if you choose a niche with a low buying-power audience.

“Song lyrics” is a niche with a low buying-power audience.

Bloggers should not be in a haste to choose a niche before putting the above-discussed factors into consideration.

Happy Blogging ?

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