Simple Ways to Generate SEO Optimized Topics for Your Blog Posts

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Another way to come up with titles for your blog posts is to use the “How To” formula. I think it is one of the simplest ways to generate SEO-optimized topics for blog posts.

Examples are:

– How to Create Targeted Adverts on Facebook in 2022.

– How to Prevent Dust Mites from Getting into Your Home.

But that is not all. I have also come up with another strategy for generating endless topics for blog posts.


You see, millions of people who look up information online are either looking for validation or reasons to criticize or agree with something.

Let us use cryptocurrency as an instance.

Some persons have refused to believe that cryptocurrencies would be used as legal tender because they hold the view that only the United States Dollar and other Central Bank-issued currencies can be generally accepted.

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Likewise, there are other persons that have since begun to use cryptocurrencies for payments on different platforms.

If you are to write a blog post, you want to give them reasons to believe in what they already believed in.

It is also possible to use the content of the blog post to prove why their opinions or perspectives on the subject matter are not accurate.

The “Here’s Why” formula can also be used if the content of the blog post is to provide solutions or offer a promise of enlightenment on the subject matter.

Here are some templates for this formula:

Template 1: Here’s Why + Positive Statement

This template should be used if you want to share a positive view of the subject matter.

Here are some examples:

– Here’s Why Affiliate Marketing is a Better Way to Make Money Online

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– Here’s Why Cryptocurrency Trading can be a Source of Passive Income


Template 2: Here’s Why + Negative Statement

Use this template to criticize a subject matter with the aim of showing why it is not reliable.

These are some examples of blog post titles you can generate with it:

– Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Run Targeted Adverts on YouTube

– Here’s Why TikTok is not the Best Platform to Share Content

Template 3: Here’s Why + Comparison

In this case, you want to compare two or more subject matters.

Here are some examples of such comparisons:

– Here’s Why TikTok is Going to Be a Better Traffic Source than Facebook

– Here’s Why Digital Products Will Sell Faster than Physical Products

Template 4: Here’s Why + Promise of Enlightenment or Additional Solutions

The content of the blog post is to offer additional information on how to do something.

It could also be a promise on how to get the best results out of something.

You can also replace the “Why” with “How.”

These are examples of blog post titles that can be created with this template:

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– Here’s How to Write Blog Posts in Just 30 Minutes

– Here’s Why You Need Backlinks to Your Blog

– Here’s How to Check Your Content for Plagiarism without Copyspace


Template 5: Topic + Colon (:) + Here’s Why

Sometimes, you may want to place the topic or the main keyword of the article before the “Here’s Why.”

Here are examples:

– Keyword Research: Here’s Why it is Important for SEO in 2022

– Storytelling: Here’s Why You Should Incorporate it into Your Marketing Strategies

Template 6: Question + Here’s Why

You can start the blog post title with a question and then use the “Here’s Why” formula to give a clue of the content to expect from the article.


– Is Cryptocurrency Trading Reliable? Here’s Why You Should Invest in Crypto

– What is Freelance Writing? Here’s Why It is Trending & How to Get Started

This excerpt is from my soon-to-be-released book, “Blog Title Headline Formulas: How to Write the Perfect Headline for Blog Posts.”

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