How To Write 100% Unique SEO Blog Post

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In this blogging, the most important part of it is the content creation (article writing)

Also not about just writing an article but the article should also be considered as Unique Article.

But this aspect of blogging looks difficult to most upcoming bloggers like me. Well in this short Facebook group post, I will share the tips I used in scoring 100/100  when it comes to the unique articles.

Well if you know me and my former blog (Amerada) you will know the kind of article I write.

With that being said lemme share my tips.

1. Keyword Research

Well if you wanna write an article, you should first consider the keywords to write on.
This also is another huge problem for newbie bloggers.
Use Seo tools like Ahref, semrush, moz if you have money.
But if you are low on money use my most accurate free tools which are h-supertools, Google keyword planner.
Just enter your seed keyword, check its search volume, and how easy it is to rank on it.
ADS: I have some easy to rank keywords on the how-to/tech niche that has search volumes of 4k-10k search volume monthly. If you need it you can message me.

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2. Write The unique Article

This is the main talk of the post, here is how to write a very unique article.
1. Visit YouTube
2. Enter your seed keyword in the YouTube search bar
3. Results will be shown to you, very plenty
4. Now take your time to watch the video, look for the one with too much value
5. Now download this video
6. Watch it over and over again
7. Now write an article on what you watched and write it in your best cool way.
8. Make sure you don’t look at any blog on your niche for motivation if not you will be tempted to copy some word he wrote

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Trust me after writing your articles and deciding to check them with any tool, you will see how unique it is.
What is even the use of a plagiarism tool checker if you’re sure you wrote your article yourself
Most of these tools are not accurate and if you follow them you will lose focus.

That is what I decide to share today on this group and I will share more later…

If you also want me to make keyword research, write your articles for you, do well to message me.

I know the struggle and my rate are yummy(easy to afford).

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