How To Become A Successful Blogger and Make Money Online

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To Become A Successful Blogger and Make Money Online, there are certain things you need to know, and you need guidance too.

I’ve been doing some extra reading and research about blogging- nay blogging right- for some time now and I thought it’d be nice to share with you some insights I’ve learned about taking your blog from where you are to where you need to be.
These opinions are mine and may be unpopular, but if your head is low enough, you can get some fundamental knowledge about what blogging really is and what bloggers really do. So, I’m saying this is for practicing bloggers as well as aspiring bloggers.

Let’s get right to it.

Who really is a blogger?

The right idea of what blogging really is and what bloggers do will inform your sense of responsibility and actions.
To me, as well as to any serious person in the right frame of mind, I think a blogger is more of a journalist than anything else. Because of the increasing chances of success that blogging has created for Nigerians over the years, many now think blogging is just a less-busy road to success and money-which is absolutely right.

But bloggers aren’t primarily driven by the quest for money. If they were, blogging could as well be termed “Yahoo” since that’s what it means.

If you ask any successful blogger, who hasn’t just made money but name, they will tell you that walking the path of blogging to prosperity is more about research, seeking truth, and keeping the populace informed right- which frankly speaking is the meaning of journalism. To think yourself less of a journalist than a blogger is a sure recipe for mediocre content and frustration.

Second, blogging is easy as it is hard. You can’t exactly say that blogging is easy or hard- it’s truly a mixture of the two.
The easiest aspect of blogging is setting up your blog and designing it to taste. The hardest part is keeping to the ethics of good journalism.
Well, if you noticed, I didn’t mention anything about monetising your blog as hard or easy. I’ll make a post on that separately.

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How Do You Cope With the Hardest Part of Blogging?

May I say at this point that you don’t need to be intimidated about it? If you have informed your sense about your status as a blogger to be a seeker and reporter of true information, you have solved half of the problem.

That being said, it is not exactly a rollercoaster ride either. You should open yourself up to learning more skills if you want to be successful on your own as a blogger. The most important of the skills you need to learn is WRITING.

My guy, you must write o.

In the blogging scape till tomorrow, content is king.

It is good content that you’ll build backlinks to. It is good content that you can conveniently optimise. It is good content that builds your reputation as an authority. While keyword research is very important, if you are able to get keywords but can’t .focus them with good content, you’ll be walking the path to oblivion.

But I don’t know how to write, you say. May I tell you that writing is not a sublime confraternity thing? You can do it if you’ll learn it. Read, write, read, and right. That’s how you learn. I’ll address this later.

But I’ll pay someone to write for me. That’s not a bad idea. In fact, it’s a good idea. But it’s not a great idea.

Except you are a blogger who only wants to make little money and no name, you should write more for yourself and for your blog.

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Here’s what we call personality infusion.

It’s very important for bloggers who are serious about blogging for authority and influence. When people visit your website, they should smell you, your personality. Most of the writers to pay have low originality, and even the good ones with plagiarism-free content can only write their perspective on articles, not yours.
Again, if you’re serious about authority, write more.

This is for the aspiring blogger. Don’t wait until you learn it all to start blogging, you’ll never start. Blogging is as expanse as the sea. Navigating it may take a lifetime. Why not carry your whaler ship and go on a seafaring adventure of blogging. You might catch some fun.

Motivation for Bloggers

Many people who have deep interests in blogging, and, perhaps, own a blog but have been blogging the wrong way often look at successful blogs and websites and deep within them think they cannot get to that point of authority. They look at these successful bloggers as some sort of gods and just resign themselves to a fickle fate of mediocrity. Nonsense!

Blogging is not a confraternity. And you don’t need a Nazi-tattoo on your left shoulder to know how to do it.

Truth, the blogosphere is almost a saturated place, if not already saturated. But, the internet is an immense sky where a thousand birds can fly side by side without touching.

There are hundreds of thousands of websites and blogs springing up every week and every month, and so tight is the competition that only the strongest, fittest, and most adaptable gets to survive what I like to call the “Law of Google Selection”

Think of this law as analogous to Newton’s law of natural selection where you have to be fit to survive predation and other factors that threaten your existence.

In the terms that every blogger commonly understands, being fit to survive means that you are favoured by Google, which in turn means you can easily put food on your table, spending otherwise little time as compared to conventional jobs. How sweet that can be.

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However, survival is not a wishful thing. It is much more of alignment and actions than it is of thinking it could just happen, as if some kind of magic.
You need to spend less time reading people’s blogs and more time building your own

You need to spend less time reading motivational articles like this and more time writing your own(if that’s your niche)

Less of…
“You must know your game, own your game and play with confidence.
You must not be comfortable with mediocre blogging.
You must understand what and who a blogger is and what makes them different from others.
Your passion must drive your actions.”

See, forget about those commonplace words of motivation. They will only bring you goosebumps for a day and the next you’ll feel nothing.

A Roman proverb tells us that to know is to exist and to exist is to survive. If you want to survive as a blogger, you need to have the right kind of knowledge.

The truth only a few people will tell you is that blogging is a technical skill. And like every technical skill, it must be learned well.

You need to learn and master SEO.

You need to learn how to make research.

Bloggers are writers and you need to write well and understand web content frontloading (or at least, hire someone who writes well).

You need to learn how to build backlinks.

Overall, you need to learn to position yourself where you’ll be seen. You can blog for 5 years and still be in obscurity because you’re not well-positioned.
You can begin to chart your path to a prosperous tomorrow from tódáy by learning, unlearning, and relearning.

This is my motivation for you today.

PS: You can contact me to write you quality web contents that will help your competitive advantage.


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