20 Digital Skills You Can Learn as a Blogger That will Make You Earn More Money Online

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Are you looking for digital skills you can learn as a Blogger that will make you earn more money online asides from the money you make from your blogs?

Blogging isn’t for everyone— in fact, most skills, and courses aren’t for everyone. This is why you see most people you respect on Facebook don’t go jumping around buying every course or learning every skill.

Take your time, and make sure it’s what you are passionate about. There is no guarantee of making money in the first 3-6months of your blogging career. The only way possible to make money blogging in the following month (Net-30) is if you have money to spend on ads and you already have a verified Adsense in a good niche that is also great for arbitration.

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Asides from outrightly owning a blog, I will share with you 20 Skills you can master in Blogging that will earn more money for you.

It will help you earn extra cash, apply the same knowledge for your, and ultimately become both highly skilled and profitable, Just take them one at a time.

List of 20 Digital Skills You Can Learn as a Blogger

SEO Writing,
SEO expert,
Backlink research and outreach,
Website On-page Audit
Keywords research
Facebook page handler
WhatsApp & Push notifications scheduler,
Adsense Reseller,
Adsense Pin & Address Verification service,
Pro SEO tools Group buy,
Pro Writing tools Group buy,
Running Facebook Ads for Niche Blogs,
Running Google AdWords Ads for Niche Blogs,
Other Ad network setups,
WordPress Developer,
Email Traffic Banking Setups & Scheduling,
Landing page & Squeeze Page for NB
Expired Domain research etc.

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These are other skills you can learn on the side and use the proceeds to fuel your blogging career or outrightly make sure money over and over even without owning a blog.

You must not Blog at first, the good thing is when you start and join an active community, gradually you will know these things, learn from other people, apply the knowledge across what you do and fire up.

See you at the top ?

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