ADSENSE vs ADSTERRA: Which of the Ad Network is Better for Bloggers to Earn Good Money?

Between Google Adsense and Adsterra, which one Pays more?

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The answer is simple. Both Adsense and Adsterra are advertising platforms that allow you to earn money from ads on your website, but they do this in different ways.

Comparing and analyzing the business models of Adsterra and Adsense is a tough task, but we did our best to understand them as well as possible. We tried to find out which one pays more per click, and how much revenue can you get from these ads’ revenue channels in comparison to ADSTERRA.

When you try to earn money from Adsense and Adsterra. The key question is, who sets the rules? If Google sets the rules, then yes, Adsense will provide you with higher earnings. However, if you go against Google’s policies and make any changes in your Adsense account or add code to the websites, then Adsterra can provide you with better earnings.

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Some people believe that ADSTERRA is more suitable than Google Adsense as an online advertising medium for online businesses and their services are not limited to a particular geographical area.


A few of the most important differences between these two dynamic ad networks include:

ADSENSE – Threshold ($100)
ADSTERRA – Threshold ($100)

ADSENSE – Receive payment only via Domiciliary account
ADSTERRA – Receive payment either by cryptocurrency, Paypal, stripe, Paystack, Western Union, and lots of others.

ADSENSE – pays by CPC
ADSTERRA – pays by impressions & clicks

ADSENSE – with traffic of 10-15 visits daily, you can’t get up to $0.001 (except you get better traffics)
ADSTERRA – with traffic of 10-15 visits daily, you get up to $0.02 to $0.3 (now imagine getting traffic of over 2k daily visitors )

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ADSENSE – requires lots of verification including address, pin verification, ID, Payment
ADSTERRA – just register, verify your account and start making your money

ADSENSE – needs approval before ads will show on your site
ADSTERRA – instant approval

ADSENSE – Bans you anytime they feel like or you defaulter
ADSTERRA – There is nothing like banning accounts here

Choose wisely!!

I recently tested Adsterra on one of my music sites and am like Wow. People are really underrating the Adsterra ad network though, I think Asterra pays more if you have a movie, music, or app download website than google AdSense.

Their only shortcomings are that they will make your site unusable and your bounce rate might increase.

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