Google AdSense Ad Limit: How To Remove Ad Serving Limits On AdSense Caused By Invalid Traffic

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There is Another Proven Way To Get Rid Of Google Adsense Ad Limit Caused By Invalid Traffic.

Now, this was made known by a blogger friend who tested this and it worked on his website.

He decided to share, while I also decided to share with you guys. after all, there’s love in sharing.

How To Solve Google Adsense Ad Limit

Your traffic source may be reading all organic and yet you wonder why you’re still suffering from Adsense ads limitations.

Know that bad bots also comes through organic traffic too, hence camouflaging as human traffic thus harming your Adsense which could have triggered the ad limit you’re suffering today.

So in summary, know that there’s “real human traffic” and “bad bots traffic” posing to be humans but they’re not. They aggressively crawl your site to scrap your data, or worse hack it.

So, what can I do to stop bad bots from visiting my site? You need to connect your site with Cloudflare. That will add an extra layer of security.

Now, this is the most important part.

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When you must have connected your site to Cloudflare, click on your website (on Cloudflare dashboard), using the navigation button, click on “security”, click on “bots”, then click the toggle to activate “Bot fight Mode”

According to Cloudflare, once you activate the “bot fight Mode” automatically a CND-like code will be inserted in your blog which will start blocking only malicious bots from visiting your website, therefore this could help lift ads-limit from your Adsense.

Another Proven Google Adsense Ads Limit Solution for Arbitrage bloggers

When your AdSense is placed on ad limit, You have to keep doing what you were doing before you encountered the ad limit, once google verifies your traffic, it will remove the ad limit.

To prevent ad limit further, start increasing your traffic little by little, don’t increase it suddenly, or the google bot will suspect the sudden rise in traffic and would want it verified by humans. So, the bot will first limit your ads!

Humans will now have to verify the sudden rise in your traffic, If it’s a good traffic source, the ad limit will be removed within days or weeks

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Let me explain more, if your traffic source is Facebook, increase your traffic little by little; start days 1 – 3 with 50 – 100pv, days 4-8, 100 – 500pv, days 8- 20, 500 – 2k pageviews, then continue increasing the traffic like that as the days goes, it can even be 100k pageviews daily and there will be no issues, but anytime you pause and want to start again, do same as explained above all over, then there won’t be issues with ads limits!

Hope this helps.


An advertisement that I paid for with my own money? Just to meet more potential audiences, drive more traffic to my blog, and possibly make good returns on investment (RIO). Yet Google sees it as a big threat to its ecosystem. Why?

Seriously, I have given this a deep thought. Engaging in legit arbitrage using social media platforms isn’t illegal. In fact, it should be applauded by Google Adsense.

It is simply a means to increase the blog’s visibility, to accelerate more traffic which in return generates more earnings.

I can’t because Adsense detests social media advertising, I’ll limit my blog from reaching thousands of people (potential audiences).

The truth is, we can’t always depend on SEO. In fact, we shouldn’t!!. Know this and know peace.

Millions of bloggers are hitting the “publish button” every minute, approximately, 4.4 million new blog posts are published every day across all platforms, which means, that the same blog post you’re about writing (which you aim to rank for in search engines) thousands (if not millions) of bloggers have written on it too. Which makes search engines extremely competitive.

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It is people that are using social media, not bots, bringing your informative content to them will be the best thing you can ever do to your blog.

Have you ever asked yourself why top blogs don’t depend solemnly on SEO? Why do they still unitize the means of advertising? It’s simply because they know the power of advertising. They know people still don’t know about them, so they want to cover more grounds, thus maximizing monthly earnings, either by selling their products or through ads monetization (they don’t often use Adsense).

My advice is, don’t limit the visibility of your blog to potential audiences just because you want to satisfy Adsense’s no-arbitrage policy. PROMOTE YOUR BLOG. Your potential audiences are scattered all over social media (and other legit platforms) They can still see your promoted content, visit your site and bookmark it or better still subscribe to your email list.

Let’s stop being Adsense slaves. They are really an annoying ads network, truth be told.

Your blog is your business, treat it as such!!. Promote it to meet more potential customers and audiences. Remember, you need people to visit your blog first, before you can earn, and to do that, you don’t only need to depend on SEO, but also leverage ADVERTISING!

My personal advice and opinion though. Do have a great day.

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