Is AI Content Writing Recommended for Bloggers?

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BLOGGING ADVICE: Is AI Content Writing Recommended?

AI which stands for “Artificial intelligence” content writing, is a means to generate content from tools to come up with an article for your blog.

While this is a good development and brings relief to writers with efficiency, I still don’t recommend it. Why? I’ll give you the demerits.

Disadvantages of AI Content Writing 

Below are some disadvantages of using AI Content writers

1. Contents generated through AI lack human emotions.

You can imagine a robot writing an article. Zero human emotions, zero expression, zero examples, zero illustrations.

Remember, when an article is human-written, it contains human expressions, emotions, examples, and illustrations which stimulate understanding from the readers.

Have you tried reading AI-generated content before? It sounds funny, too grammatic, which makes it somewhat hard to understand for a layman.

2. AI content writing is filled with duplicated content.

Because it’s computer-generated, it contains duplicated contents. If someone else in the same niche as you uses AI to generate his content, he may have the same content result as you have. So, this makes it difficult if you’re someone interested in Google AdSense, because you may not get approved due to duplicated content.

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Not only that. Remember, duplicated contents can also incur algorithm update strikes, which sinks your site down the drain. Which isn’t a good thing to behold as a blogger.

3. AI content deprives you to be a better writer.

When you keep generating your content through AI, you tend to strip yourself of the potential of being a good writer. Remember with consistency, comes perfection. When you keep depending on AI tools as your only means of content creation, your writing skill depreciates, which is definitely not a good thing. But when you keep writing your blog articles yourself, you see yourself improving over time.

In Conclusion

I totally don’t recommend AI content writing, irrespective of the relief it comes with for content generation, its downside is much more significant than its upside. I always advise my students to learn content writing, (that’s if you’re not good at writing). You can as well employ proficient writers, to give you that outstanding and engaging content, which encourages a good user experience.


AI Content writers will destroy your blog? Here is why

Honestly, AI writers are topping the industry now and it’s like there is much news out there to bring down the market which is normal.

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If you’re a smart blogger AI is for you but if you aren’t then go discover ways to “blog smart”

AI this and AI that? Well, it’s not bad because if the writers weren’t performing definitely it’s a no-go.

But guess what AI writers work most effectively in regards to proficiency except you wish to lie to yourself anyways.

In fact,

AI has helped me grow my blog content by 30% ?

AI writers are perfect for information Content but in regards to statistics, you definitely need to vet them before pressing the publish button.

Advantages of AI Content Writing 

Below are some advantages of using AI content writers

1. Cost-Effective

On average a content writer charges 48K USD in the USA not talking about Nigeria now tho.

Maybe it’s more than your yearly profits.
So how do you create content for your business?

Here is where an AI Content Writer steps in.

Just by having an AI Writer handy, you may create high-quality content by just paying peanuts for it.

And as we say, money saved is money earned.

And here you will literally be saving a lot of money and still can create high-quality content which gets you going.

An added benefit is you also save on the expense of managing human resources and mind it an AI writer can even work on weekends!!!

2. Time-Saving

Money can be earned but time cannot!!
The truth is, creating content is the hardest task on the planet.

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First, you start by brainstorming ideas, and even if you find an idea it’s really difficult to produce quality content on it.

An average writer takes 8 hours and 30 minutes to write a 2000-word blog post.

Surprisingly we wrote an entire article of 4,000 words using an AI writer within an hour.

So it’s the best way to be productive while writing content.

3. Quality

Had a fight at home?
Forget discovering creative hooks or catchy headlines or killer copies.
That’s the issue when we totally rely on ourselves.

We also forget critical facts and research as it gets hidden among thousands of uninteresting blog posts.
But with an AI writer handy you may create high-quality, well-researched, targeted content in just minutes.

Also, they are grammatically correct and can certainly be set to our customers and highly targeted content can be produced by them. But always vet for errors.

 4. Greater Variety

As a writer, you can only specialize in some fields but with an AI writer, you may create high-quality and well-researched content although you may not know anything about the subject.

This gives you the freedom to approach clients from different industries and expand your revenue stream to multiple sectors and become financially free.

This also gives you more opportunities without hiring content writers from different agencies.

5. Enhanced SEO

AI writers are programmed to take into consideration Google’s Algorithms and generate content that was created to rank.

They can write high-quality content that targets your keywords and will surely help you rank higher on search rankings.

You will get a lot of traffic with zero knowledge about SEO.

And with CrawlQ you will generate insights that they can use with other tools as well

AI writers save you a bunch of money as are also an all-in-one solution and you don’t have to spend on other tools and resources to create content.

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