Make Money With Your Blog: How To Turn Any Blog Into CASH-VOMITING Machine

How To Make Excess Money With Your Blog

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While the rise of Niche blogging particularly those focused on Travel blogs, Immigration, Canada, Jobs, etc making more money than others

You too irrespective of your Niche can make a whole lot of money from your blog.

A while ago I bought a dog blog- a blog about dog healthcare, training, feeding, etc, the blog was gaining search traffic but not huge enough to make the kind of money I wanted,

I did something, which I will be sharing with us today.

It’s no longer news that selecting a profitable Niche, you have to select one with a high influx of search traffic (extra work to rank higher) or alternatively, spend money on paid traffic to send a ton of people over to your blog.

So, the simple solution here is;

Create a category about what can help you achieve this
Creating a single post about this.

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By now, I believe you should have started grasping where I am heading to.

In my case, I created a post about “Pet Care Assistant Jobs in Canada” (You can simply do small KW research to know what works for your niche and which will provide high CPC with enough advertisers)

The idea here is, that a lot of Nigerians/Africans want to JAPA (Travel abroad), there are over 20 million Nigerians in diaspora already,

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While many cannot afford it, they are looking for the easiest pathways, either through Jobs, Scholarship, Marriage, etc

So get a post around this, and fire those ads up.


If you run a tech blog, you can do, “Tech Jobs in Europe for Nigerians”

If you run Entertainment Blog you can do, “The Easiest Pathways to Canada Scholarship/Job”

If you run a music blog you can do, “See How music lovers are Traveling to CANADA easily”

The above are just examples, you can get creative at it, do proper keyword research on phrases with higher CPC and write according to it (Plagiarism-free),

Fire up ads with great creatives and soon you will move from earning $1 daily to $100+ daily.

If you do not know how to set up converting types of ads + easy creatives, Head on to Waptutors Academy and get the Traffic Generation course which will also give you access to our Whatsapp groups to ask questions and get answers.

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TIP: If you have a maximum budget of ads say N50,000, I will advise you to split this for the shortest days possible i.e 3-10days only, don’t go running N1,000 ads per day and expect to make money.

The algorithm has been set to send quality traffic to those spending quality money.

Do not be scared if you don’t have money to run for other days, the bottom line is making a lot quicker and allowing your website to run for the rest.

In Subsequent posts, you will get various tips on How to Increase your Adsense earnings.

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