How to Increase your Adsense CPC, Increase your Blog Traffic, and get your Blog Site Approved by Adsense

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When it comes to Blog monetization, it’s no news Adsense is one of the platforms bloggers utilize to earn hundreds or thousands of dollars a month. But what if I tell you this particular Adsense is a trap for newbie bloggers.


Don’t be engrossed with those huge earning Adsense dashboard pictures circulating online because they’ll bait you to quickly apply for Adsense in your first month of blogging without taking some necessary steps before applying.

As a determined blogpreneur and a beginner, we should take our minds off anything Adsense or any other monetization platform in our first 3 months of blogging.

Yes, I know it’s part of your income-generating strategy but you need to take your mind off it. Don’t even think of it. It’s a trap, Don’t fall victim!


How to Increase your Adsense CPC and Increase your Blog Traffic


I know many Pro bloggers will be baffled with this controversial position of mine, but look at these before you contend: ??

? Truly, Adsense can approve your blog within your first two weeks if you follow all their guidelines.

You’ll be happy; Sit back and be waiting for your paycheck at the month-end. Hear this, you have your head in the cloud if you think you have arrived because it’s nothing but a trap.

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Listen, your website is still new. Your Domain Authority and CPC are extremely low. You have no or little backlinks in which most of them are not even dofollow or quality links. My brother/sister, grow your blog first!

? Your blog is your brainchild. You don’t expect an infant to bring money home. You need to feed him, care for him, cloth him, socialize and educate him to fit in as a member of the community. Through this, he will grow bigger and bring money home.

Don’t be disappointed when you start earning next to nothing with your Adsense after your website has been approved.

You’ll be wondering where did you go wrong after several attempts to increase your CPC but Baba no gree increase. This will discourage you and lastly what happens next? You give up!

? The best thing to do in your first 3 months of blogging is to strategize on how to get your business off the ground by diverting all your energy into value-filled content, SEO strategy, link building, Guest blogging, content marketing, networking with other pro bloggers, read books, watch videos and brainstorms.

? You have to prioritize traffic-generating strategy over income-generating strategy in your first 3 months. All the business laws are also applied to blogging because blogging is a feasible business model.

Therefore, the higher the content value, the higher the traffic; the higher the traffic, the higher the income generated. ?

? Unlike several years back, blogging is no more taking a year to earn good money if you employ the right methodology to operate your blog. People earn “life-changing” money within five months of blogging.

? Observe this, those top bloggers place traffic over earning in their first few months of blogging and this surely yields a positive influence on their website.

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? Don’t be in a haste to apply for Adsense. First, build the influence; build a massive dam of traffic; Strategize; re-strategize; brainstorm; learn and re-learn; set goals; Set up an editorial calendar and meet up with them.

? Hold this in your left hand, Adsense is like a girl, you give her “too much attention”, she ghosts you, you divert the attention to something productive, then she comes closer.

How To get your Blog Site Approved by Adsense

Check out these below recommendations of mine to increase your CPC, and your traffic, and get your site approved by Adsense through my content-writing strategy.

✅ Elongate your content to at least 2-3K per post.

✅ Follow all SEO guidelines as suggested by Yoast SEO plugin or Rank Math SEO Plugin.

✅ Make your research before you write anything even if you’re versed on the topic.
Read more online concerning the topic you are about to write on.

✅ Make Keyword research. (it’s important)

✅ Your keyword should feature at least thrice in your content especially in the beginning, middle and end.

✅ Optimize your website by creating necessary pages like an about page, contact page, privacy policy page, Disclaimer page, sitemap page, and affiliate disclosure page if you are using affiliate links.

✅ List the table of content of your article using the Easy Table of Content plugin.

✅ Use secondary data collected by renowned research bodies like UN, IMF, AU, ECOWAS, NBS, Statista with references to them to buttress your points. Google loves this so much.
It shows you’re confident about what you’re saying. Just make sure you link to them.

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✅ Use case studies from various countries, races, tribes, and religions of the world.

✅ Never use licensed images or videos without permission or giving credit to the owner.

✅ Use thirsty affiliate or pretty links plugin to manage your affiliate links in your content.

Google will derank your post on SERP if your content is stuffed with affiliate links. They will think you’re desperate for profit-making but not value. Using those plugins will solve the problem.

✅ When discussing a problem, suggest a solution at the end.

✅ Use the Link Whisper plugin to suggest and include closely-related posts in your content so you can achieve the best internal linking.

✅ Write a recap at the end by summarizing everything you write from the beginning to the end in simple words so your reader can remember what they just read. It will also make your content long to achieve your 2K words content.

Remember what I said earlier, the higher the value, the higher the traffic; the higher the traffic, the higher the income generated. ?

Targeting the right keywords in your blog posts can skyrocket Adsense earnings if done properly.

The reason you are earning next to nothing with your Adsense is that you’re in a low-value niche with less lucrative keywords.

Top 20 highest-paying Adsense keywords

Here are the top 20 highest-paying Adsense keywords to target in your articles.

(1) Insurance $61 CPC
(2) Gas/Electricity $58 CPC
(3) Loans $50 CPC
(4) Mortgage $46 CPC
(5) Attorney $48 CPC
(6) Lawyer $42 CPC
(7) Donate $42 CPC
(8) Conference Call $42 CPC
(9) Treatment $41 CPC
(10) Degree $40 CPC
(11) Software $39 CPC
(12) Credit $38 CPC
(13) Classes $36 CPC
(14) Recovery $34 CPC
(15) Trading $33 CPC
(16) Rehab $33 CPC
(17) Hosting $31 CPC
(18) Transfer $29 CPC
(19) Cord Blood $27 CPC
(20) Claim $25 CPC

Thank you. ??

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