6 Reasons Why You Must Not Copy and Paste Other People’s Content On Your Blog

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I am going to be listing 6 Reasons Why You Must Not Copy and Paste Other People’s Content On Your Blog o this article.

It is not acceptable at all to do plagiarism work because you can be penalized or jailed by the sole owner of the content if he or she gets to know.

If you know you can not write, I strongly suggest for you may be you should go out there looking for a friend of hire a person that best write your niche kind and pay the person get the credit and the job will be delivered for you safely.

If you are not 100% good enough then you copying some person’s work and pasting it into your blog, is unacceptable in the court of Google.

Let’s look out at the reasons why you must not do copy and paste work

1. It is prohibited by Google

Google doesn’t take that sheet copy and past from any blogger that does that google is a jealous tool, because the moment googles crawl your content right and gets indexed and now it optimized right, the first google sees it as a first sole owner.

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And the moment it sees such content or article anywhere on the net, it can bane your website or blog immediately, that’s the risk.

Google doesn’t like a theft blogger

2.  You can’t rank well In the Google search engine and also no high level of domain authority

For instance, have you seen somebody or heard that a person traveled from Abuja to Ghana?

Most of all if you do it as a part of you as a blogger, you’re a fake person! That’s what they termed you to be.

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Now what I mean by a high domain authority is the relevancy of your blog will not be known,

you will not have stable traffics and your visitors will be diminishing all the time

3. You can not get plenty of traffic.

And don’t complain or murmur when it starts happening because it’s all your fault.

The traffic we’re talking about here is not come and go, the traffic we’re talking about is influential, that is when they come they stay back in the check to you and may refer other people to your blog.

4. It takes time for Google Adsense to love your blog, well some bloggers stand at the chance to dispute the fact that at times google Adsense approves fast than the one not doing it.

Well like me I don’t advise my students or clients to do that, and the reason is what works for me,

Mr. A may not work for Mr. B, so it’s not your luck. A thigh though is doing the right thing as a very simple

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5. You look inferior or a second fiddle person in the eyes of google.

They can only manage you they can’t give you full mark just half…

So be wise and discrete
You will only be in the middle of the last.

Google rates people or website owners who are doing well and gaining more traction around the globe and so there is a prize for that, so be serious and don’t be a lazy-minded person.

6. You are not going to make huge money

The truth of the matter is you can’t compare a person who provides authentic copyright content to a person who boosts into plagiarism, is never then.

He will earn higher than a person who does copy and paste work. So be still and do the right

In conclusion, the reasons listed in this article are some of the reasons why it is very bad to copy and paste other people’s content on your blog.

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