How To Improve Your Google AdSense Earnings

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Are you searching for methods for How To Improve Your Google AdSense Earnings?

There are many things that may affect Adsense earnings, these include;
-Traffic source
-The type of your content,
-The GEO of the user,
-Your ads placements,
-Amount of Ads on the page,
-The style/theme of your blog,

-Mindset & Connection
-Speed of the website/pages,
-The influx of traffic and many more.

Today, I will be talking about TRAFFIC SOURCE.

Traffic Source

The Traffic source (referring domains) where a user visits your blog from would determine how improved your earnings could be.

There are 3 major sources of traffic,

Social traffic from social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc good for other networks like PropellerAds, Adsterra, etc,

Direct Traffic, is those where the users visited the website by themselves via their browsers

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and Search traffic, popularly called Organic Traffic those from search platforms like Google search, Bing search, and other search engines.

You must also understand that different advertising platform rate different sources of traffic differently,

For Google Adsense, they prefer search traffic, particularly from Google Search.

I might not be able to elaborate on this, because, the topic is targeted on “How to Improve your Adsense earnings using various methods”, hence, I will share tips for doing this in the quickest ways.

If your major traffic source is Facebook Ads, Push Notification, Other Ads sources, or even email lists,

You can Convert this traffic to become Search / Organic traffic (exactly how Google Adsense likes it).

How To Convert Social Media Traffic to Search / Organic traffic

-Open the Mozilla Firefox browser
-Open Google Search
-In the Google Search box, Search your website and copy the URL from there.
-Shorten it via Bitly or use it directly

Your Analytics will see the traffic of those visiting through that link as if it’s from Google and this will further boost your Adsense earnings.

Note: Your website must be on Google for you to do this, if you can’t find the post you want to use or the website, simply add it to the search console and request indexing for that page.

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In Subsequent posts where I will elaborate on how to Get search traffic, I shall talk more but this one is particularly on how to improve your Adsense earnings

Your Blog Theme

I will be talking about THE THEME OF YOUR BLOG as a determinant factor in increasing your AdSense earnings, and in all of these tips, I will be speaking from experience.

Theme / Style of the Blog has been proven to affect the earnings of Adsense / CTR of your Ads,

Some themes clearly mark Ads as Ads,

Visitors generally hate ads, they always feel it’s time wasting and ads always try to sell something to them.

So a solution is using WordPress themes and styles that overturn these- in my subsequent post when I talk about Ads placement I shall share more.

A good simple, lightweight theme and a less bulky interface make for a high Adsense CTR which is directly proportional to higher earnings.

A recommended theme that has done wonders for me is the “Neve” or “Voice” theme,

I have also tweaked the Neve by turning on Dark Mode, which clearly makes the Adsense Ads more appealing to the users,

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The buttons in the Adsense Code/Display Tags have matching colors as my website link colors,

You can be creative with your website theme just make sure it’s less Bulky.


Mindset has always been a limiting factor for many and the poor utilization of connections within people’s reach.

Those who know me, know that, when I hold conversations with people regarding getting tips, I do so with all attentiveness, an eagle eye, and pay close attention to grasping everything and head on towards execution.

This is a Bonus tip but take it seriously, bring something to the table while engaging in discussions to improve Adsense earnings– two heads they say are better than one.

You never know how much information you could gather to boost your earnings,

In 2017 while I was running one small relationship blog, I was speaking to a friend about how I was doing on SERPS, the chief laughed and said, convert it to a Sugar Mummy Niche, after I did, I started earning $6K monthly before you knew it, I had 3 Sugar Mummy and even Sugar Daddy websites.

Also, Your mindset plays a huge role, one of which is laziness to implement, you’ve got a direction, right? every step along the way you should be ready to implement the tiniest thought that could get you further and do so like it won’t last for the next day.

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